Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Ireland

Smarmore Castle Rehab for Alcohol, Drug & Gambling Addiction

At the core of our treatment programme is the view of addiction as a disease and that complete abstinence is necessary for a long-lasting recovery. Smarmore Castle Rehab utilises a 12 Step treatment model based on Castle Craig's proven success in treating addiction.

The 12 Steps are central to our treatment, the programme is directed by our Consultant Psychiatrist and the overall center is managed by an experienced Clinical Psychologist. Smarmore rehab provides:

Treatment in our rehab centre

Smarmore Castle is a residential rehab center for addiction treatment. We provide patients with a personalised treatment programme following a careful medical assessment by our medical and clinical team. 

Find out more about our treatment programme here.

Admission to our rehab

We admit patients from the EU, UK, Ireland and around the world. Patients either pay for treatment privately, medical insurance, or else a statutory funder such as the NHS. Once funding has been approved we work to get patients admitted as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Contact our admissions team on +353 (0)41 986 5080 and read more about admissions to our rehab.