Continuing Care

Aftercare Reduces the Risk of Relapse

At Smarmore Castle, we understand that addiction is a lifelong condition, and this is why we continue to support patients after they have completed their treatment with us. We consider aftercare essential to reduce the risk of relapse after our patients have returned to their homes and that is why we ensure our patients are equipped with an individualised two year continuing care plan when they complete treatment.

Aftercare Groups at Smarmore Castle are free of charge.

We provide ongoing support, making sure that they have all the resources and tools they need to maintain their sobriety and reintegrate into their daily lives

Free Group Therapy in Continuing Care

After leaving Smarmore Castle, patients are encouraged to attend continuing care group therapy sessions. These are held on a weekly basis at Smarmore Castle, as well as in Scotland. It is recommended that patients attend these for at least two years after finishing their treatment with us. All sessions are free of charge.

Support Within Your Community

We refer our clients back to their GP or to the original medical practitioners involved in their care. We also arrange for a contact within the local AA/NA fellowship to act as a ‘sponsor’ and help introduce them to these essential support groups.

Visiting Smarmore Castle

Former patients are welcome to return to Smarmore Castle at any point to receive help or guidance. We organise weekly continuing care group therapy sessions which are free of charge. We are also happy to arrange personal therapy sessions if required.

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