5 Common Addictions You Did Not Know About

Addictive substances can come in many forms and in unexpected ways. It is important that people are aware of other addictions out there so that you can be aware of the dangerous symptoms. Here are five addictions that hide in the shadows.

Pagophagia is where you chew ice for long periods of time to destress. You can experience symptoms of addiction such as pale skin, fatigue and weakness, fast heartbeat, dizziness, shortness of breath, cold hands or feet, swollen tongue, or a poor appetite. Chewing ice too much can also damaging your enamel or chip a tooth. This habit can increase alertness in those with an iron deficiency. After speaking to a doctor, you can treat this addiction with iron supplements if you have an iron deficiency.

According to The Rise Foundation, 200 Irish people a year are treated for sex addiction. It is when you constantly having or thinking about sex to better handle stress or pain. By having a lot of sex, addicts feel like they are getting a sense of control back. Many have multiple sexual encounters, always visiting strip clubs, compulsive masturbation, prostitution, or having sex without consequences. This addiction can cause serious consequences as violence can occur from encounters with strangers as well as STDs.

Pica addiction is having unusual eating patterns like dirt, hair, feces, hair, soap, peeling paint, and cigarette ashes. According to Mirror News, one in five children are affected by this. Eating any of these substances can cause infections such as paint having toxic chemicals like lead which causes brain damage. Indigestible fibers like hair or carpets can form a lump in the intestines. Not eating enough normal foods can cause iron or vitamin deficiencies.

Oniomania is compulsively shopping and purchasing even if you cannot afford or need the items. Many with oniomania shop to heal pain or anxiety but end up in a lot of debt later. According to the Irish Examiner, one in five are addicted to indoor tanning beds for the purpose of wanting to be darker than before and for the relaxing chemicals emitted by the UV light. It is possible that anyone with a tanning bed addiction can have OCD or body dysmorphia and are at risk for skin cancer. Any of these addictions can be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy, 12 step programs, and other modes of therapy to turn your negative actions into positive.


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