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List of Resources for Alcohol Abuse in Northern Ireland and Ireland

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Alcohol Abuse in Northern Ireland: Charities, Rehabs & Free Help

Alcohol Abuse in Northern Ireland

“Smarmore Castle in County Louth is one of Ireland’s best alcohol and drug rehab clinics offering tonnes of addiction support. Over a thousand people have entered our drug and alcohol addiction facility, many of which have gone on to achieve lifelong sobriety and abstinence.”

If you’re struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, we’re here for you and can offer advice on the best course of action you need to take to seek treatment.

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To assess your needs and provide you with the right medical help, therapies, and treatments we conduct free alcohol and drug addiction assessments that can take 30 minutes or less.

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Top 25 free alcoholism resources

1. Daish Project

Providing culturally appropriate, professional, and qualitative services, addiction programmes, and supports for the Travellers living in Bray and its hinerlands.

2. Alcoholics Anonymous

Over 40 Years of Experience Treating Addiction

Evidence-Based Therapy In Relaxing, Comfortable Surroundings

Dublin meetings:

(Dublin City ) Lr. Abbey Street Downtown

Dublin Central Mission Lower Abbey Street, Dublin City. Directions.

  • Monday-Thursday: 1 pm (excluding Tuesdays)
  • Saturday: 11 am

3. Living Life Counselling

Their service primarily works with adults in recovery from alcohol addiction as well as family and friends who may have also been affected. It uses counsellors to offer you support when you feel like talking, however, they cannot provide you with any medical advice or tell you what you should or should not do.

4. Merchants Quay Ireland Community Recovery and Integration Supports (CRIS) Project

  • Phone: 0404 34009
  • Address: 39a Wexford Road, Arklow, Wicklow (directions) OR Enterprise Centre, Wicklow (directions).
  • Time: 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday
  • Email:

5. Bray Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force

6. HSE Alcohol and Drugs freephone

7. Coolmine Alcohol Programme

Provides quality community, day, and residential services.

8. Coolmine Ashleigh House Women’s Residential Programme

Helping women attain recovery through residential programmes.

9. One Step Clinic

10. Finglas Cabra Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force

11. H.O.P.E.

Providing family support, advocacy and addiction services.

12. HSE Alcohol Addiction Service

13. Star Project Ballymun

14. Stanhope Centre

Great for helping problem drinkers and concerned persons (anyone who lives with or is affected by someone’s drinking).

15. Sphere 17 Regional Youth Service

A regional youth service.

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16. Soilse

Download the application form here.

17. SharingPoint

SharingPoint is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides group counselling services to adults directly affected by addiction.


19. North Dublin City and County Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force

20. Dales Centre

Addressing the issue of problematic drug and alcohol use.

They provide:

  • Providing Drop-In services, five mornings a week for individuals to make initial contact.
  • Providing one-to-one support to individuals including key working, care planning, and case management.
  • Offering counselling and therapeutic support by qualified and registered counsellors to individuals and groups.

21. Addiction NI East Belfast Office

Therapeutic treatment service for those with substance misuse difficulties/problems.

22. Drink, Work and Me

23. Alcohol Intervention Service – ASCERT

Not available during the weekends or out-of-hours support.

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Referral information:

  • GP or other statutory service referrals
  • Open/Self or family referrals accepted

24. Belfast Community Addiction Service (BCAS)

25. Drug and Alcohol Mental Health Service (DAMHS)

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