Alcoholism and Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction & Alcoholism

Just like having an alcohol addiction, problem gambling can take a large effect on your life too.

Those with gambling addiction spend the majority of their time thinking about gambling and how to get money in order to fund their gambling.

They feel the need to bet money more frequently and become irritable if they stop gambling.

The co-occurrence of alcoholics and problem gamblers can impact them financially, cause legal problems, strained relationships, career loss, and much more.

The problem

The connection between alcohol and gambling is when alcohol is used to celebrate a problem gambler’s winnings or for helping them with depression when they lose.

It can either build up their confidence to continue their winning streak or it can wear them down if they lose a blunder.

They replace one addiction with another.

The major problem is that alcohol is free in a lot of gambling revenues in order for gamblers to continue being in their seats.

This can encourage gamblers to keep betting as alcohol can affect their judgement and cause them to be impulsive in their behaviours and decisions.

This makes it difficult to control their gambling, to gamble longer, spend more money gambling, and drinking more.

In order to be in recovery for both alcohol and gambling, alcohol must be treated first.

Detox treatment must be done for the body to be cleansed of alcohol by a medical professional in order to ensure their safety and minimise their cravings.

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