Aqua Therapy Helps Heal The Body During Residential Treatment For Addiction

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can leave the body weak. Destroying muscles, reducing strength, depleting natural energy, making bones brittle, and hurting joints, the impact can be severe. By the time a person chooses to seek residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, their bodies have been badly affected. Participating in regular exercise classes or fitness programmes isn’t possible. After detox the body can be even more exhausted, fighting hard to release the toxins produced by years of abuse with drugs and alcohol. It takes time for the body to fully heal in recovery. Instead of letting the body be still without any support, aquatherapy is an alternative way to help the body move, heal, and gave strength, without physical impact.


Clinical therapies like personal therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and other forms of therapy are just one component of addiction treatment. Everyone comes to their addiction in a different way, caused by different underlying issues. Because addiction is so highly individualised, treatment must be highly individualised as well. Complementary therapies are not “cures” for addiction, but supportive therapy methods which help clients heal in different ways according to their individuality.


Smarmore Castle Private Clinic employs numerous complementary therapies in addition to a solid foundation of clinical therapy. Our residential treatment programmes treat addiction as a disease of the brain, providing the utmost quality of care. For information on our residential detox and inpatient, speak with one of our caring staff members today at +353 41 214 5111.


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