The Benefits of Equine Therapy

Many different options exist in drug rehab treatment including a residential treatment programme, behavioural therapy and alternative therapies including work with horses. Learn why equine therapy is beneficial for people seeking help with addiction.


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Horses have been used to successfully improve the outcomes for people with addiction for some time. Working with horses can help people with all kinds of substance use disorders and even mental health conditions. Equine therapy provides an opportunity to work with gentle animals in a supportive environment. The effectiveness of therapy with horses comes from the horse’s ability to soothe and relax individuals. Equine therapy provides a new focus for the person with addiction who has an outward glance at something other than him or herself. Addiction can be very inward focused and horses help bring people to an outward focus on taking care of something else. Stress is also reduced in working with horses. Some other benefits include:

  • Increased sense of self-worth

  • Boost of confidence

  • Newfound sense of personal value

  • Help overcome negativity

  • Sense of daily purpose

  • Learning to bond and communicate with something outside oneself

Fostering relationships with animals can be very beneficial long term for individuals in recovery. Millions of people suffer from addiction and equine therapy is a great tool which is natural, non-invasive and provides a space for individuals to cope with better understanding addiction, rehab and recovery.


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