Careers You Can Have in the Treatment Field

One of the best ways you can make use of your recovery is to be able to help others the way that others have helped you. If you take what you have learned on your road to recovery, you can be an inspiration to other patients going through addiction and teach them that they can make it through. You can work at research facilities, hospitals, detention centres, educational centres, private practices, methadone clinics, mental health centres, detoxification centres, and drug rehabs. Any career in the treatment field can be an opportunity to save lives and bring awareness to addiction issues that are still ongoing.

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Addiction counsellors work with people of all ages by identifying their addictions, pointing out certain behaviours they are exhibiting, and a plan for treatment. They can work with patients on the possible causes that came of their addiction and make them confront their emotional and behavioural problems. Counsellors track the progress that their patients are making towards their journey to recovery. They will also educate their patients on the dangers of drugs, treatment, and what their life will be like after. This job is so important that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, addiction counsellor positions are growing by 27%.

Psychologists treat what is going on inside a patient’s mind through therapy and a psychiatrist works on providing medication for the disorder of a patient. They are also supposed to determine any underlying illnesses that could be contributing to their addiction.

Addiction nurses, psychiatric nurses, and detox specialists help treat the symptoms that come with addiction as well as detoxing, withdrawal, and the after-effects.

This will involve making physical progress and being under medication.

Social workers work with agencies to find the right care for patients in their safety and welfare. They work on problems such as pregnancies or finding homes for children while their parents are in rehab. You can even become an educator in the treatment field like being a professor to teach addiction to students as well as the mental health elements and bringing awareness to the dangers of substance abuse.

Researchers study patterns of substance abuse in the general population so that they can find out which drugs are abused the most and the most dangerous. They also research treatments, cures, and therapies. Working in any one of these careers will help make a difference in the lives of patients.

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