AA vs Al-Anon: What’s the Difference?

When navigating the world of recovery and support groups, particularly those associated with alcohol misuse and addiction, getting lost in the sea of acronyms, methodologies, and purposes can be easy. Two such groups, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Al-Anon, often become intertwined in discussions because of their shared historical roots and their focus on dealing with […]

Living With an Alcoholic Partner: What to Expect and How to Cope

What a Spouse Living With an Alcohol Use Disorder May Experience If you have an alcoholic partner you will feel as though there are three people in the relationship – you, them and the booze. Unfortunately, due to the nature of addiction, and despite their best intentions, your partner will almost always put the drink […]

Does Alcohol Cause Acne?

Everyone knows that excessive alcohol consumption damages your health. It can take a toll on the skin, even if alcohol is not the direct cause of acne.  So, how alcohol affects your body, and how could this impact your skin?  Alcohol Can Trigger Acne, But It’s Not the Direct Cause Acne is a skin condition […]

Is My Dad an Alcoholic?

Whether we’re big or small, we all worry about our dads. Maybe you’ve noticed your dad’s behaviour has changed – he’s become moody and grumpy, or perhaps he’s shouting at you and other family members, and this is scaring you. Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in his lifestyle – he’s not getting to work on […]

What Happens After Detox?

In order to beat a serious drug or alcohol addiction, it is often necessary to undergo a detox. This is usually the first step in tackling addiction and it deals with only the physical aspect of addiction. That is to remove the substance from your body, deal with any withdrawal symptoms and end up in […]

Am I an Alcoholic if I Drink a Bottle of Wine a Day?

For many people, wine can be easy to drink. But if you’re drinking a bottle of wine a day on a regular basis you’re at risk of significant health issues. The real question you need to ask yourself is “am I an alcoholic?” It can also be the beginning of alcohol dependence or alcoholism. This […]

Is It Safe Mixing Antibiotics With Alcohol?

Can You Mix Antibiotics With Alcohol? It’s generally accepted wisdom that you should avoid alcohol mixing antibiotics with alcohol because of potential side effects. While in many cases alcohol doesn’t actually make the antibiotics less effective, it can result in some unpleasant symptoms which, combined with the negative effect of alcohol on the immune system, […]

10 Things I Don’t Miss About my Alcohol Addiction

Living an Alcohol-Free Life – Why It’s Better than Ever Things I Don’t Miss About my Alcohol Addiction From feeling constantly angry and depressed to being permanently broke, my alcohol addiction caused a series of bad decisions that I will always regret. Only the other day, someone asked me if I missed alcohol. Almost a […]

Alcohol Addiction Services ‘Woefully Inadequate’

Alcohol Addiction Services: Ireland’s Alcohol Problem Needs More Free Resources & Funding As a rehab facility in Ireland, we know all too well about the lack of quality alcohol addiction resources and services available in the country. That’s one of the primary reasons that we opened Smarmore Castle in 2015 in County Louth. After seeing […]