How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

You may want to stop drinking alcohol for any number of reasons. Perhaps you’re after the health benefits of sobriety, such as more energy and better sleep. Maybe it’s a challenge or a way to raise money for a cause close to your heart. This article teaches you how to stop drinking alcohol and why it […]

Using Alcohol as a Coping Mechanism for Denial

Denial as a Powerful Symptom of Alcoholism  Chances are you likely have an idea of what coping is – we all have coping mechanisms we automatically use daily. But did you know that denial can keep you alive? Therapists and psychiatrists often talk of denial as if it is something terrible or unnatural. However often […]

10 Things I Don’t Miss About my Alcohol Addiction

Living an Alcohol-Free Life – Why It’s Better than Ever Things I Don’t Miss About my Alcohol Addiction From feeling constantly angry and depressed to being permanently broke, my alcohol addiction caused a series of bad decisions that I will always regret. Only the other day, someone asked me if I missed alcohol. Almost a […]

Positive Benefits of Sobriety & Quitting Drinking

Benefits of Sobriety Just like cigarettes give warnings on the front of their packs, the dangers and health risks of alcohol are well-known, hugely circulated, and easily ignored. Smarmore and benefits of sobriety in the long run But until something terrible happens to you or a loved one due to alcoholism, you will never truly […]

Understanding The Pain of Alcohol Induced Panic Attacks

Alcohol and Anxiety: Panic Attacks After or During Drinking Are you suffering from alcohol-induced panic attacks? Consuming alcohol can trigger panic attacks, while others experience extreme nervousness after drinking. However, regular panic attacks induced by alcohol are a serious matter that can lead to addiction. If you start drinking and cannot always stop or predict […]

Do I Have a Problem With Alcohol?: Quiz

Do I Have a Problem With Alcohol? Alcohol Self-Assessment Test Are you concerned that you might be drinking too much alcohol? Have you asked yourself “am I an alcoholic?” This self-evaluation for an alcohol use disorder will screen you for symptoms of alcohol addiction. The below self-assessment questionnaire screens for dangerous or harmful alcohol consumption, […]

List of Resources for Alcohol Abuse in Northern Ireland and Ireland

Alcohol Abuse in Northern Ireland: Charities, Rehabs & Free Help “Smarmore Castle in County Louth is one of Ireland’s best alcohol and drug rehab clinics offering tonnes of addiction support. Over a thousand people have entered our drug and alcohol addiction facility, many of which have gone on to achieve lifelong sobriety and abstinence.” If […]

Alcoholism Rates in Ireland

The Truth About Alcoholism in Ireland Smarmore Castle is particularly proud of the results of their alcohol addiction treatment programmes at their private residential rehabilitation clinic in County Louth. With an expert medical team and a consultant psychiatrist, we have been able to deliver effective evidence-based alcohol addiction treatment that is well-known for helping people […]

Secret Drinking – How to spot the Signs Of Hidden Alcoholism

Hidden Signs of Alcoholism How can you see the signs of secret drinking when people with an alcohol problem become so good at hiding it? Many people occasionally enjoy a nice glass of wine or a pint in a pub. But how can you tell when things get out of hand, and alcohol consumption becomes […]

Chest Pains After Drinking Alcohol

Causes, Symptoms and How to Help Picture the scene: it’s the morning after a hefty night before in Dublin’s pubs and clubs. You wake up, and alongside the hazy memories and bloodshot eyes, you also feel an ache in your chest. Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve experienced chest pain after a binge-drinking session with […]

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System? Blood, Breath, Hair, Urine The process of alcohol metabolism is a complex one. There is no straightforward answer to how long alcohol stays in your system. As a guideline, you may have heard that a person processes about 1 unit of alcohol per hour. For a guesstimate, […]

Do you Suffer From Depression After Giving up Alcohol?

Does Giving up Alcohol Make You Depressed? Depression and alcohol abuse are interconnected in many ways. For some, depression causes alcoholism; for others, it comes from drinking. And for some people, depression hits after giving up alcohol. You might be asking then, what’s the point of becoming sober if you’re only going to feel worse? […]