Side Effects of Cocaine and How to Dramatically Reduce Them

Understanding the Feelings of a Cocaine High Even the highest-quality cocaine carries the risk of overdose and poses numerous dangerous cardiac and neurological consequences. On top of that, cocaine is known to trigger mental illnesses or worsen the condition of someone struggling with depression, anxiety, or bipolar. Regardless of why you choose to do cocaine […]

Scientists Claim ‘Another’ Cure for Cocaine Addiction Is in Reach

Medical Opinion: Experimental vs Evidence-Based Therapies and Finding the Cure for Cocaine Addiction As addiction specialists, therapists and doctors, the team at Smarmore are always looking for ways to improve our Addiction Treatment Programme by keeping up to date with current research claiming to treat cocaine addiction effectively. At Smarmore, we have successfully treated over […]

Addicted to Cocaine? Use Our Addiction Self Assessment Tool to Find Out

Cocaine Self-Assessment Quiz This Addiction self assessment addiction tool will help you to evaluate whether you have an addictive relationship to cocaine and whether you may need to speak to a professional. Do you frequently take cocaine and find that once you start, you can’t stop? The quiz questions below can help you find out […]

Irish towns struggle with drug issues as cocaine addiction soars

Cocaine addiction and distribution soars in local Irish towns County Tipperary is a beautiful county in Ireland that’s home to lakes, farmland and mountains; its county town Clonmel in the south is often described as the gateway for exploring the region. However, as of late, Tipperary town has been a gateway for much more. Since […]

How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System?

How long does cocaine stay in your system? A single line of cocaine can stay in your system and show up on a drug test five days later. However, if you’re a long-term and heavy user, traces of the drug can be found many months or even years after complete cessation. Sometimes up to 90 […]