Common Reasons People Avoid Going to Therapy

Therapists generally are not supposed to give advice. They aren’t life coaches or mentors. The therapist’s primary job is to listen. Talk therapy revolves around the patient talking and the therapist listening to cues and hints as to what the patient is talking about. Patients, and people in general, are often unaware that they say more than they mean to say. Hidden within complaints and strife are words which indicate underlying issues. A therapist can sometimes provide feedback on an experience to point out some of the underlying issues which are coming up. Facing feedback from a therapist is intimidating to some people. They don’t want to know what is really going on underneath the surface. There is a human tendency toward needing to be right or in control of what they think they think about themselves. Adjusting to hearing the truth, or at least another person’s opinion, can be difficult.


Mental health and treatment for mental health faces an ongoing challenge with shame and stigma from other people. Understanding mental health can be difficult for some people. There is nothing shameful about going to therapy and seeking treatment of any kind in order to heal and grow as a person.


Smarmore Castle enthusiastically supports the therapeutic treatment of patients to help them return to optimum health in mind, body, and spirit. Our residential treatment programmes are designed to renew a sense of purpose and meaning in patient’s lives as they find their way to long term abstinence in recovery. For information, call to speak with one of our caring staff members today at +353 41 214 5111.

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