Cycling in Recovery

When you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you filled up your free time by getting drunk or high. Being in recovery involves finding a better use of your free time as boredom can lead to a relapse. Riding a bicycle can is a great activity to do when you are in recovery as each ride will strengthen your body and your mind.

Riding a bicycle can increase your stamina which will allow you to do more without getting tired. You can also burn calories faster as biking for half an hour can cause you to burn 150 calories. Your mental health will increase as depression symptoms will reduce as well as being a stress relief. Your muscle mass and tone will be increased which will replace fat. By cycling twenty miles a week, it will decrease your chances of getting coronary heart disease, decreased obesity, and an improvement in coordination since cycling involves using your whole body to get the bike working.

When you ride a bike in recovery, your self-esteem will be much better as you will notice the fitness results of your body and will have more control of taking care of it. Going to 12 Step meetings will be more convenient getting there on your bike as it easier to find a parking spot and you will not have to rely on getting gas or waiting for public transportation. Since doing drugs and alcohol was poisoning your body, riding a bike will strengthen your body and make you feel better knowing that you are making a productive use of your time. Cycling can also be a social activity as well as you can meet new people if you join a race or a cycling club.

Before you start riding your bicycle, make sure to talk to a doctor first just in case you are out of shape or have a medical condition. It is important to start off slowly and build up your mileage within the first couple of months to avoid overdoing. Exercise addiction can result in injuries, anorexia, heart and lung problems and more. Ride on different bicycle routes so that you can challenge yourself not just riding on a flat road but on mountains or hills, increasing the chances of riding longterm. Follow the rules of the road and ride a helmet to ensure your safety and provide a successful recovery.


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