Emotional Detoxing

Sometimes you can feel so many emotions at once that you do not how to handle it. Many people try to deny their emotions or react in violent/self-harming ways as an outlet instead of talking about your feelings and embracing them. While drug detoxes help cleanse the body of the toxins that came from drugs, emotional detoxes help cleanse your mind of your negative emotions in a healthy way.

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The best way to start your emotional detox is to acknowledge your pain instead of trying to ignore it or pretend that it is not there. Pain is a normal emotion to feel for anyone and by saying out loud that you do not feel good and need help is the best start. Once you acknowledge your pain, you need to find the root of the problem and find out what brought on all of these negative emotions. Was it because of what something said to you? Is this a matter of a low self-esteem or being afraid of failing? Figuring out the root will help you solve the problem.

It is also important not to treat your emotions like they are just sensitive fleeing moments. While certain feelings are temporary, it does not mean that you should minimize them. You should instead be honest with yourself about what you are feeling. If you feel the need to cry, then cry because holding in the tears will bring more pain onto yourself and you will feel that a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders. Do more things that make you happy and surround yourself with positive influences like good friends, reading good books, and being with your pets to make you smile. Make sure any television shows you watch can do wonders for the heart such as The Big Bang Theory or This is Us instead of watching a melodrama that can trigger negative emotions that you are trying to rid yourself of.

Writing down your thoughts is another way of expressing how you feel. If you spend five to ten minutes a day writing down what you are thinking at the time, it will feel like a good release. You can even make a list of all of your favorite qualities about yourself so that you learn to like yourself more. When you are finally ready, talk to a reliable friend, relative, or professional about how you feel.


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