FAQ on Amphetamines

Amphetamine addiction can cause very serious health side effects for brain and body. Commonly prescribed as prescriptions and commonly abused as illegal drugs, amphetamine abuse can hide under the radar. If you are concerned about amphetamine abuse for yourself or for another, please read this information and contact us today.

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Q. What are amphetamines?

  1. Amphetamines are central nervous system stimulants that are prescribed to treat narcolepsy, asthma, and ADHD. People abuse them because they suppress appetite and prevent fatigue. Many lose weight or use them to stay away for studying.

Q. What are the effects of amphetamines?

  1. Amphetamines cause increased heart rate and blood pressure, loss of muscle control, high body temperature, trouble sleeping, low appetite, and mood swings. You can also get permanent mental and cognitive impairment like poor memory and being socially withdrawn from friends and family.

Q. What are the statistics of amphetamines in Ireland?

  1. According to the EMCDDA, a maximum of 31% of young adults have abused them and a maximum of 1.6% of adults have as well as of 2015.

Q. What are the dangers of abusing amphetamines?

  1. You can risk injuring yourself as well as get cardiovascular issues like stroke, heart attack, and heart failure. You can suffer malnutrition and the gray matter in the brain and dopamine receptors can be destroyed, changing the way the brain works and prevents you to stop using.

Q. What are the withdrawal symptoms of amphetamines?

  1. Symptoms of withdrawal include intense and vivid drug-related dreams, depression, anxiety, losing interest in pleasurable activities, and more. These symptoms can occur hours or days after the last use. 

Q. Who is at risk for abusing amphetamines?

  1. You are at risk of developing an addiction to amphetamines if you live in a location where using amphetamines are considered acceptable. It is also possible for these with relationship problems or a low self-esteem to want to use. You could also be having underlying mental disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or schizophrenia.

Q. What does Irish law say about amphetamines?

  1. Most of the amphetamines are controlled by the Misuse of Drugs Acts. Using amphetamines are considered an offense from unauthorized production, supplying, or possessing the drugs.

Q. How is amphetamine addiction treated?

  1. If you get treated in a hospital setting, you will be able to get help from your withdrawal symptoms and strong cravings. It can be helpful if you are experiencing aggression or suicidal behavior. Individualized therapy, group therapy, and family therapy will help you find out why you abuse drugs, repair relationships, how to avoid amphetamines, and help you enjoy the activities you used to like. There is also medication to decrease your cravings such as methylphenidate, Fluoxetine, and Imipramine.

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