FAQ on Drug Addiction

Q. What is drug abuse and how is it developed?

  1. Drug abuse is a complex, serious brain disease where you find yourself craving drugs as well as seeking and using them despite the negative consequences they can bring to your life. It can develop when the continued use of drugs causes health problems, lacking responsibility in school, work, and relationships. Addiction changes the parts of the brain responsible for self-control and decision making.

Q. How quickly can someone be addicted?

  1. Depends on the person’s age, gender, biology, environment, and the interactions they have. A person can do drugs once and have nothing happen. Another person’s first time can lead to an overdose and a different person can become addicted after using the drug a few times. It is also important to keep in mind the family history of the one who is addicted.

Q. How do I know if someone is using drugs or addicted?

  1. You know if someone is using or addicted to drugs is they develop symptoms like impaired speech and motor coordination, changes in physical appearance, sudden weight loss or weight gain, changes in appetite or sleep patterns, bloodshot eyes, foul personal hygiene, or lacking interest in the things they used to enjoy. They can face consequences like being in debt, job loss, family problems, poor health and still cannot quit. If they are not doing drugs, they are thinking of ways to acquire the drug. They need the support of friends and family in order to quit as well as a medical professional.

Q. What are drug addiction statistics in Ireland?

  1. According to Alcohol Rehab, 51% of people between 18-29 have tried drugs in the past with 15,000 as heroin users.

Q. What are commonly abused drugs in Ireland?

  1. Opiates like heroin, stimulants like cocaine and speed, sedatives, solvents, hallucinogens, and headshop drugs.

Q. Can drug addiction be treated?

  1. Drug addiction can be treated with behavioral therapies, 12 Step programs, and medication. Treatment will depend on how far that person is in their addiction and might need multiple rounds of treatment for success.

Q. What is withdrawal?

  1. When quitting drugs “cold turkey” or abruptly stopping drug use, various symptoms occur. For example, physical symptoms of heroin withdrawal are muscle and bone pain, restlessness, insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, and cold flashes. These symptoms can last several days to weeks so it is important to seek medical treatment.


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