Great Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol has the power to destroy your mental and physical health. According to the World Health Organization, Ireland has the second highest rate of binge drinking and 88 Irish people die from alcohol a month which would be a thousand a year. Here are great reasons to quit drinking alcohol so you can start your recovery.

When you wake up in the morning, you will not feel a throbbing headache from a hangover but will wake up feeling replenished like you are given a second chance. Most of your money would normally be spent on going to the bar or buying alcohol from a liquor store. When you stop drinking, you will start having more money and you will be able to use it pay for your bills and rent, pay off your debts, be able to buy yourself something nice, or to save money for when you need it the most.

Your brain will heal and you will be able to think clearly and deeply so that you will be able to have more stimulating conversations with people. In a couple of months, your liver will repair itself as well as your skin and vision. You will be in a happier mood and have an improved outlook on life. You will not need to lie to your loved ones anymore as you will not have to find hiding places to store your alcohol or have to empty the bottles. Your feelings of shame and guilt will be diminish. Your loved ones will enjoy being around you more and will be impressed that you beat your addiction. You can be an inspiration for them too if they are having the same problems.

Because alcohol robs the body of necessary nutrients by preventing vitamin absorption, you will not feel aches and pains anymore. The worries you would get about alcohol-related problems will be over as you will not have to worry about how to acquire alcohol, if the store is opened, if you have enough for the night, or enough money to buy more. You will not longer be late to work and you will look and feel healthier. You will have a nice lease on your as you will be able to do hobbies and activities that alcohol prevented you from doing and you will feel like a miracle as you were granted a second chance at a better life.

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic in County Louth, near Dublin was founded in 1988 as a residential rehabilitation hospital treating people suffering from drug and alcohol purposes. Smarmore Castle believes in helping patients lead a life of abstinence through 12 Step programs, detox and medical treatment, psychotherapy, and complementary therapies. For more information, please call 041-214-5111. For those who live out of the country, the international number is 00353-41-214-5111.

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