Healthy Eating Can Aid Sober Living

Eating healthy can go a long way towards helping people on the road to addiction recovery. A common belief in addiction recovery is whether to indulge in drug or alcohol addiction. Evidence suggests eating healthy is one of the best ways to aid in sober living.


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When it comes to recovering from addiction, elimination of sugar is high on the list. Incorporating grains into the diet is important as is elimination of processed foods. Instead of having large protein-based meals all in one day, it helps to make sure a meal or snack has enough protein to support the body throughout the day. People in recovery from addiction should have healthy snacks on hand to aid in proper nutrition. Dietary recommendations may vary somewhat but alcohol and opiates may negatively impact the stomach so probiotics are helpful to restore gut flora.


A trained nutritionist can offer proper guidance on finding the right foods for an individual’s needs. The road to recovery is long but it can also be healthy. The diet will not be perfect but it should help a person stay on track with sobriety. Making healthy dietary choices to support the brain and body will help an individual heal.


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