How to Know When a Loved One Needs Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab is not the end of the world. It may feel that way to the person who is heading off to recover from addiction because it is a brand new phase of life. There is a process to go through prior to rehab including assessment and diagnosis. Learning how to identify the markers of addiction to alcohol can help family members know the best course of action to support a loved one.


If a loved one is suffering from alcoholism, two main types of programmes may support that person:


Inpatient Rehab

This is an intense treatment programme requiring residence in a facility to work through issues surrounding addiction including group and individual therapy sessions. Timeline may be anywhere from a month to a year, depending on the individual’s situation.


Outpatient Rehab

More flexible than inpatient, affordability is the key here as inpatient programmes generally cost more money. Instead of living in a facility, the person will be required to travel for weekly therapy and counselling sessions.


No matter what type of programme an individual chooses, it is important to select one which helps the person uncover the reasons for addiction and work through those along with detox and behaviour modification to avoid falling back into old patterns. Relapse can happen but the goal is to support long term recovery goals and develop strategies to remain sober.


Finding the right inpatient treatment setting is key to recovery from addiction. Smarmore Castle Private Clinic provides treatment for alcohol addiction, among other addictions and supports individuals at the highest standard of professionalism. We are located in a castle in the country to provide space for relaxation, peace and transformational growth necessary to take addiction head on. Call us at +353 41 214 5111 to find out more information on our addiction recovery programmes.

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