How to Love Your Body

Many people tend to take advantage of their bodies. People tend to self-harm themselves in order to look the way they want to such as over-exercising, plastic surgery, doing abusive substances, or undereating. According to the National Eating Disorders, 70% of women ages 18-30 years-old are dissatisfied with their bodies as well as 43% of men. It is important to understand the importance of loving your body by taking care of it and finding ways to let yourself know you are worth it.

The first thing you should do is make a list of all of the things your body has done to keep you alive whether it is the lungs that allow you to breath, the heart that pumps blood into your body, the liver that gets rid of toxins in your body and much more. Read this list to yourself out loud and keep adding more based on your daily experiences. Remember not to try your body like a decoration but as an important tool for living your life by being aware of what your body can do and how it can react when it is not being taken care of. Another list you should make is ten positive things that you like not just in how you look but personality traits as well. Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel happy and confident since the way you look is a reflection of how you feel. Treat your body like it is your friend and supporter instead of being against it.

Exercise not for the purpose of losing weight but to feel good and strengthen itself. Put reminders on your mirrors that remind you of how beautiful you are. Be surrounded by people that remind you of your inner strength and beauty. Do not be afraid of asking your loved ones what your best qualities are, write down the answers, and keep them somewhere safe so you can take a look at them whenever you feel down. Do not compare yourself to the models you see in magazines as those photos are digitally fixed and fake. Look up to people based on their accomplishments instead. Start everyday with a nice shower so that you start the day feeling clean and fresh. Eat fruits and vegetables as well to nourish your body. Life is too short to hate your body so thank you body everyday for keeping you alive.


Smarmore Castle Private Clinic in County Louth, near Dublin was founded in 1988 as a residential rehabilitation hospital treating people suffering from drug and alcohol purposes. Smarmore Castle believes eating disorders is an illness whereby a problematic relationship with food has developed commonly alongside other traits, such as negative body image, perfectionism, impulsivity and low self-esteem. Smarmore Castle can help through CBT-BN for Bulimia Nervosa, CBT-BED for Binge Eating Disorder and Interpersonal Psychotherapy and/or Family Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa. For more information, please call 041-214-5111. For those who live out of the country, the international number is 00353-41-214-5111.

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