How to Overcome Addiction

Overcoming addiction make seem like an impossible feat because doing drugs was a routine that you were accustomed to. Stopping drug use involves making a lot of big life changes. It is important to never give up and to remind yourself that if you are experiencing stresses and obstacles along the road to recovery, the real world works that way too and to not feel discouraged.

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The hardest part about overcoming addiction is making changes. It is important to think about changing the ways you deal with stress and if there is anyone who contributes to your stress. It is okay to feel adamant about making a change as change can be a scary thing to do but can be rewarding if it brings positive results. To better motivate you to change your life, it helps to think of when and how much drugs you use, what the pros and cons would be about quitting, how drugs affect what you consider important in your life, who you can trust to help you recover, and what is preventing you from changing. Remind yourself why you need to change, think of past attempts of what worked and did not work in the past, and remove any triggers in your home, work, or community.

Because all treatment programs are different, choose a program that responds to your specific needs. Treatment should not just be about your drug addiction but how it has affected your career, relationships, health, and overall well-being. If you have a long and intense history of drug abuse, expect your recovery to be the same way. It is also important to make sure that your treatment method involves examining your mental health to determine any underlying issues that started your drug abuse in the first place.

Having a big social circle will also be a successful tool in recovery as the more people you turn to for encouragement, guidance, and to listen, you will have better chances of recovery. If it is too difficult to turn to your friends and family because of past mistakes, go to relationship counselling with them or family therapy. Be around those who support your recovery. Make new friends by taking a class, joining place of worship, volunteering, or attending events. Make it a habit to attend support meetings to be around those who understand your struggles and can inspire helpful methods to be clean.


Smarmore Castle Private Clinic in County Louth, near Dublin was founded in 1988 as a residential rehabilitation hospital treating people suffering from drug and alcohol purposes. Smarmore Castle believes in helping patients lead a life of abstinence through 12 Step programs, detox and medical treatment, psychotherapy, and complementary therapies. For more information, please call 041-214-5111. For those who live out of the country, the international number is 00353-41-214-5111.

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