Ireland’s Problem With MDMA/ Ecstasy

The 2017 Global Drugs Survey has revealed that Ireland is the world’s leading consumer of MDMA, a party drug commonly known as ecstasy. 39.7 percent of respondents admitted taking MDMA either in pill form, its most popular form, or using in powder form, a relatively new development, within the last twelve months. Compared to the 2016 results, however, the numbers, though shocking, are an improvement. In 2016, 58 percent of Irish respondents had taken MDMA. The synthetic club drug still does not overtake cannabis, also known as marijuana, which still has the highest amount of users in Ireland. According to the survey results report the average age of participants globally was 29.


MDMA is a combination of drug genres including amphetamine, stimulant, hallucinogenic, and more. Racing the heart and accelerating the mind, the drug causes the body to become highly sensitive, overheated, and dehydrated. Nausea, clenching of the teeth, muscle cramping, and heightened feelings of universal love or euphoria are common. Overdosing on MDMA can lead to fatality or serious injury and health complication.


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