Learn About the Effects of Ketamine Abuse

Ketamine poisoning of the epithelial lining can lead to extreme amounts of pain associated with ketamine cystitis. Urologists advise people who experience bladder pain when using ketamine to stop using the drug immediately. When too many bladder cells are killed there may not be enough remaining to repair the existing and surrounding tissue.


One of the challenges for people who abuse ketamine is the toxicity level and prospective damage to certain organs of the body. Once the damage is done, it may be difficult if not impossible to reverse the effects. Any person who is abusing ketamine should consider seeking help for addiction and dependence before it is too late to reverse or repair the damage caused by using this toxic drug.


Smarmore Castle Private Clinic provides help for individuals with ketamine addiction. If you are struggling to quit ketamine use, Smarmore provides residential rehabilitation programmes to support your recovery with targeted therapies and intervention. Call us at + 353 41 214 5111 for more information.


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