Mindfulness Therapy Can Support Recovery

Mindfulness is the practice of awareness. In addiction treatment, the practice of mindfulness helps people pay attention to cravings and leads a person to realise which thoughts, emotion and body sensations make up cravings. Aside from cravings and impulse control, mindfulness therapy can also help in other aspects of addiction recovery.


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The primary goals of mindfulness therapy in the treatment of addiction include:

  • Help tolerate stress, cravings and other urges

  • Support healthy coping mechanisms for anger, fear or other negative emotions

  • Becoming aware of all incoming thoughts and feelings, work to accept those and not attach to


The overall benefits of mindfulness may include:

  • Increase ability to tolerate the present moment and make positive changes

  • Boost immune system

  • Improve sleep

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Manage chronic pain

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Build self awareness

  • Control troubling emotions

  • Change judgemental thoughts

  • Grow awareness of previously avoided experiences

  • Cope with stressors

  • Develop compassion

Mindfulness therapy is usually a short term, group-based, psychoeducational intervention that combines traditional Cognitive-Behavioural Relapse Prevention strategies with meditation training and mindful movement. Courses can last a few months.  Light stretching and gentle movements are used to guide the person’s body with respect and peace. Letting go is the main goal to focus on the present and bring awareness to the here and now. This helps bring the mind and body into a centred place where it is easier to cope with addiction and the challenges which arise from this.


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