More People Seek Treatment for Alcohol than any Other Substance in Ireland

In the year 2015, the last year of analyzed data used for the recent statistics released by the Health Research Board, more people sought out treatment for alcohol than opiates and cannabis. Alcohol abuse is a primary problem for most people seeking treatment in Ireland. Between 2009 and 2015, more than 56,000 people were treated for alcoholism.

Alcohol use and Irish culture are synonymous. Throughout Europe and the UK, there is a heavy focus on drinking as part of a daily routine. Many people are dependent upon alcohol without realizing it. Due to the culture of heavy drinking, there is no need to stop drinking because most people drink a bit every day. The curious part about alcohol abuse is that some people are able to stop and other people are not. It is those who are unable to start who are growing in larger and larger numbers. Chemical dependency on alcohol means that the body needs to drink- not just to fit in, celebrate a good football match, partake in holiday or cultural traditions, and take the edge of a long working day. Being chemically dependent upon alcohol means that the body and the brain can no longer function fully without the presence of alcohol. In order to get out of bed, go to work, and feel close to a normal state, alcohol has to be consumed. Problematically, for someone who is becoming addicted to alcohol, having just one drink to function isn’t common. Increasingly, someone chemically dependent upon alcohol has to drink more alcohol, resulting in their functioning being a state of full intoxication.

Treatment for alcoholism is helpful in creating healing for the mind and the body which are both heavily affected by alcohol abuse. In addition, treatment for alcoholism helps heal the broken spirit of those who have become addicted to alcohol. The use of cognitive therapies to help uncover underlying issues which contribute to alcohol, physically healing modalities to restore the body, and spiritual experiences to help open the heart and soul, are all parts of treatment. Taking time to heal in a safe, secure, and structured environment is what recovering alcoholics need to discover a new way of living in which there is no need for continuing to abuse alcohol.


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