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Signs You are Misusing Alcohol

What is Considered Alcohol Misuse? Alcohol misuse refers to excessive alcohol use that increases your risk of harm. Drinking habits include consuming too much alcohol over the week and binge drinking – alcohol consumption of more than 8 units for men or 6 units for women in a single drinking episode. Regularly drinking too much […]

Epilepsy and Alcohol: Does Alcohol Trigger Epilepsy?

Epilepsy and Alcohol Smarmore Castle in Ireland Offers Detox and Rehab Treatment for Epilepsy Triggered by Addictions BOOK A FREE ADDICTION ASSESSMENT Table of Contents Alcohol and Epilepsy. Is It Ever Safe? Can I Drink Alcohol When I Have Epilepsy? What Is the Risk of Mixing Epilepsy and Alcohol? Is It Safe to Drink Alcohol […]

Christmas in Rehab

It’s the “most wonderful time of the year,” or so the familiar tune goes. Unfortunately, this doesn’t ring true for everyone, especially if you’re suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. In fact, the holiday season can be extra stressful for many people, even those without substance abuse issues. If you’re in active addiction, the Christmas […]

Can Alcoholics Drink Casually?

For many suffering from alcohol use disorders, the idea of casual or moderate drinking is a risky one. It’s a common query and concern, often rooted in the desire to return to a sense of ‘normalcy’. However, the overwhelming consensus among addiction specialists, coupled with the lived experiences of many recovering from alcoholism, points to […]

Working from Home and Alcohol Addiction

Remote Working – A Ticking Time Bomb for Addiction The Royal College of Physicians recently reported that around 8 million people in the UK have been drinking up to 50 units a week since the start of the pandemic in January 2020. Occupational Health specialist Dr Mike McCann, a Director at Castle Craig Hospital highlights […]

King Baby Syndrome And Addiction

“King Baby Syndrome” refers to a behavioural pattern often associated with addiction and can significantly impact personal relationships, work life, and overall well-being. This syndrome is characterised by an extreme form of narcissism where people are self-obsessed, demanding, and struggle to deal with criticism or failure. They tend to be in constant need of attention […]

Is There a Link Between Narcissism and Addiction

The term ‘narcissist’ refers to someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), a mental condition characterised by an inflated sense of self-importance and a deep need for excessive attention and admiration. They often struggle with relationships, and this can sometimes lead to substance abuse as they seek ways to cope or enhance their grandiose self-image. But […]

Six Ways Your Social Group Can Affect Your Recovery from Addiction

How Our Social Circles Affect Us Our social circles have a powerful impact on shaping our sense of identity, the life choices we make, and our attitudes and behaviour. That is how a tribe survives and we are naturally tribal creatures. There have been many studies confirming that social interaction is critical for good mental […]

6 Serious Effects of Drug Addiction on Family Members

Drug use not only affects the person from mind to body, but it also puts a strain on those closest to them.  Family members may experience shame, anger, fear, or self-blame if their loved one uses drugs. The extent of the effect also depends on how long the drugs have been in their life. Drug […]

Is My Addiction Bad Enough to Go to Rehab? 

Addiction is subjective. You might think you’re just winding down with a few drinks after work, or take drugs so you can enjoy yourself to the max at the weekend. Maybe you’re convinced you can stop taking the Xanax once you’ve got your anxiety under control, or you inject heroin recreationally.  Whatever your situation, there […]

12 Ways to Overcome Your Mindless Scrolling Habit

In today’s digital age, it’s become all too easy to fall into the habit of mindless scrolling. With the rise of social media platforms and smartphones, many of us find ourselves endlessly swiping, scrolling, and consuming online content without even realising it. But what causes this behaviour? And is mindless scrolling really a problem? This […]

What Do They Do to Get You Off Drugs in Rehab?

If you want to learn more about how rehab can help you break free from your addiction and start your recovery journey, you’re in the right place. In this article we’ll look at the first steps involved in overcoming addiction, before moving on to the detox process and what that involves.  Next, we cover some […]