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Ireland’s Problem With MDMA/ Ecstasy

The 2017 Global Drugs Survey has revealed that Ireland is the world’s leading consumer of MDMA, a party drug commonly known as ecstasy. 39.7 percent of respondents admitted taking MDMA either in pill form, its most popular form, or using in powder form, a relatively new development, within the last twelve months. Compared to the […]

Highly Addictive Gambling Machines Becoming a Problem

Fixed-odds betting terminals are taking Britain and Europe by storm. Highly addictive gambling machines are being inconspicuously placed in everyday locations, casinos and betting houses not included. According to The Daily Mail, a British publication, “The machines, which allow users to wager up to £100 every 20 seconds on casino games such as roulette and […]

I Suspect My Partner To Be a Sex Addict, What Do I Do?

Healthy and intimate sexual expression in a loving relationship is a sign of a healthy relationship, bringing fulfillment joy and stability to your personal life. Sadly for many people in Ireland and the UK a compulsive desire to experience the rush of endorphins released by the reward systems in our brain during sex, underminds the […]