Finding the Right Consultant Psychiatrists in Ireland for Addiction

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Addiction is often seen as a symptom of underlying emotional, psychological and relationship problems

As addiction psychiatrists in Ireland and experts, we understand how alcohol and drug addiction go hand in hand with co-occurring disorders like depression, trauma and anxiety, which might be fuelling your substance dependency.

Undergoing rehab without a psychiatrist is akin to having an operation without a surgeon.

Psychiatrists in Ireland

Why See a Psychiatrist for Addiction?

  1. A psychiatrist can look at the bigger picture of a patients life and contributing factors to their recovery like job, finances, housing, family life, core relationships etc.
  2. Can evaluate and advise on medication above and beyond that of a GP
  3. Psychiatrists often play a role during detox medication, length etc.
  4. Can help identify underlying problems (dual diagnosis) which affect 60-70% of addicts
  5. Psychiatrists can help plan therapy and treatment more effectively
  6. Psychiatrists can often accurate measure improvements and next steps longer-term post-rehab

Below we have listed some of the best practising psychiatrists across Ireland, who have been known to make waves in the community for their addiction therapies and services.

How to Find and Choose the Best Psychiatrist?

Below is a list of psychiatrists that practise in Ireland ad Northern Ireland and treat patients with addiction.

We are not making recommendations and are providing this data for informational purposes only. Should there be an error or you wish to be included please contact Smarmore.

Safe Detoxification from Drugs & Alcohol

Managed by our Medical Director, Psychiatrist, Doctors and Nurses.

List of consultant psychiatrists

  1. Professor Gerard Lynch
  • Specialises: Addiction, addiction medicine & dual diagnoses
  • Location: County Louth
  • Employed: Smarmore Castle Rehab (Consultant Psychiatrist)
  • Contact: +353 41 214 5111

Professor Lynch has worked across general adult psychiatry and has been involved in numerous addiction service developments during his time as a consultant.


  1. Dr Hugh Gallagher
  • Specialises: Substance misuse
  • Location: County Louth
  • Employed: Smarmore Castle Rehab (Medial Director and GP Addictions Specialist)
  • Contact: +353 41 214 5111

Dr Gallagher has worked exclusively in the field of addiction for almost two decades. He shows particular interest in the science of addiction, recovery rates, peer support in recovery, family support and alcohol-related brain injuries.


If you would like to be diagnosed or undergo a drug or alcohol addiction assessment for free, we can help ++353 41 214 5111.

  1. Dr Colin O’Gara
  • Specialises: Addiction
  • Location: Dublin
  • Employed: Saint John of God Hospital
  • Contact: (01) 277 1519

Appointed Head of the Addiction Service in 2007, Dr O’Gara leads all clinical activities and service development in addiction. He is one of the main pioneers in Ireland for promoting non-shame-based treatments for addiction.

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  1. Dr Stephen McWilliams

Graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in 2000 and has been a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists for more than 15 years.

Currently working as a consultant psychiatrist for St John of God Hospital, Dr McWilliams is responsible for the hospital’s Psychosis Programme.


  • Member of the British Association for Psychopharmacology and the International Early Psychosis Association.
  • Published in peer-reviewed journals including European Psychiatry, The International Journal of Psychogeriatrics, The Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, The International Journal of Biometeorology and various others.
  • Published more than 200 articles in the medical and mainstream media and press.
  • Co-authored several highly-esteemed books on psychiatry.
  1. Dr Stephanie Bourke
  • Specialises: Psychiatry
  • Location: Dublin
  • Employed: Blackrock Psychological Medicine
  • Contact: 01 206 4216/7

Dr Bourke worked in depth with addiction services for a year before moving to the UK to complete higher specialist training. Now, Dr Bourke works mostly with mothers with mental health difficulties.

Please bear in mind that Dr Bourke does not offer an inpatient service but uses her expert opinion to refer patients to appropriate hospitals or treatment centres if required.


  • Graduated from Trinity College in 1995.
  • Worked in adult psychiatry for over a decade.
  • Specialise in treatments for depression, anxiety, worrying thoughts and substance misuse.
  • Registered as a specialist in Adult Psychiatry with the Medical Council of Ireland, registration number: 19046.
  • Member of the College of Psychiatry of Ireland, and the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the UK.

Personalised Treatment

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  1. Dr Barry O Donnell
  • Specialises: Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy
  • Location: Dublin
  • Employed: Blackrock Psychological Medicine
  • Contact: 01-2064217

Dr O Donnell has practised in both private and public mental health settings.


  • Qualified from the School of Psychotherapy in St. Vincent’s University Hospital.
  • Has a Master level in clinical training programmes in psychotherapy.
  • Member of the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a Member of the Irish School for Lacanian Psychoanalysis (ISLP).
  1. Dr Richard Bunn
  • Specialises: Mental health and addiction
  • Location: Belfast
  • Employed: Belfast Trust & NHS, and consultant at Kingsbridge Private Hospital
  • Contact: 02895046323

Dr Bunn has impressive experience working across various mental health problems both privately and in the NHS. Dr Bunn historically has helped people overcome problems of stress, anxiety, panic, obsessive behaviours, low moods, eating disorders and substance addiction. 


  • B. B.A.O. B.Ch. M.R.C. Psych
  • Graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 1997.
  • He gained postgraduate qualifications along with specialist training in Addictions and Forensic Psychiatry.
  • Admitted to the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council (4417794).
  • Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
  • Registered with WPA, Benenden, Aviva and BUPA.
  1. Dr Bobby Smyth
  • Specialises: Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist (Addiction and substance abuse)
  • Location: Dublin
  • Employed: Addiction Service – HSE
  • Contact:

Dr Smyth has featured in many peer-reviewed publications to provide essential perspectives on psychoactive substances and mental health.

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  • Margaret Davenport Prize (Royal College of Psychiatrists)
  • Registrar’s Prize ( Royal Acadamy of Medicine in Ireland)
  • Mental health category of the HSE Open Access awards for 2018
  • Member of College of Psychiatrists of Ireland
  • Member of Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Part of Society for the Study of Addiction
  • Member of Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland
  • Association for Child Psychology and Psychiatry
  1. Dr Brian Mangan
  • Specialises: Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Location: Belfast
  • Employed: Belfast Psychiatry Clinic
  • Contact: 028 9521 2294

The incredible Dr Brian Mangan has special interests which include depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, bipolar disorder psychoses and adult ADHD.


  • Graduated from Queen’s University of Belfast 1985
  • Postgraduate MD Queen’s University of Belfast in Quality Assessment and Improvement in Mental Health Services
  • Honorary lecturer at Queen’s University of Belfast
  • Head of School, Psychiatry, Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency
  • GMC Number 3105946
  1. Dr Gerard Loughrey
  • Specialises: Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Location: Belfast
  • Employed: Belfast Psychiatry Clinic
  • Contact: 028 9521 2294

Dr Loughrey is currently working as a Consultant Psychiatrist in the Occupational Health Department in Belfast Trust, and also within a private practice.

He is known for his pioneering work across mental health assessments and the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia and other psychoses and post-traumatic stress disorder.


  • Graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 1980
  • Completed speciality training in Northern Ireland and was appointed consultant psychiatrist in Downshire Hospital in 1988
  • Consultant psychiatrist in Belfast Trust since 1995
  • Regional Adviser for the Northern Ireland Section of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • GMC number 2644394
  1. Dr Caroline Donnelly
  • Specialises: Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Location: Belfast
  • Employed: Belfast Psychiatry Clinic
  • Contact: 028 9521 2294

Dr Donnelly’s special interest includes the assessment of acute mental health disorders in older adults. Her work as a psychiatrist has shown great promise and results.


  • Graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 1998
  • Completed dual speciality training in psychiatry of old age and general adult psychiatry
  • Masters in Medical Education (QUB) and a Diploma in Geriatric Medicine
  • An honorary lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast

Reaching Out

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  1. Dr Joanne Minay
  • Specialises: Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Location: Belfast
  • Employed: Belfast Psychiatry Clinic
  • Contact: 028 9521 2294

Dr Minay’s special interests include affective disorders, anxiety disorders, comorbid physical and mental health conditions and perinatal psychiatry.


  • Graduated, with distinction, from Cambridge University in 1999, winning the George Baker prize for Medicine
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Health Care Ethics and Law (Manchester)
  • Works within the Southern Health and Care Trust as a General Adult and Liaison Psychiatrist since February 2010
  • Lecturer at Queens
  • Active member nationally of the Liaison and Perinatal faculties in the Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • GMC Number 4674012

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