Reasons to Go to Treatment Abroad

Triggers are a part of living with addiction and alcoholism. The brain becomes deeply associated with memories, learning patterns, and habits of behavior. Cravings for drugs and alcohol can be triggered by something as simple as driving down a familiar street where a drug dealer lives or a party house is, perhaps by the local pub. Going abroad for treatment means endless new experiences which start to replace old experiences. Part of the experience of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is recreating purpose, meaning, and experiences without drugs and alcohol. It may seem so simple, but changing the environment can help tremendously with small brain changes to lessen the presence of triggers and create new associations. Rather than pass by the same old places and experience repeated triggers of memories, your loved one can pass by new places with endless curiosity. Getting out of the normal environment means not knowing where drugs and alcohol are available, not knowing who to buy drugs and alcohol from, as well as not having friends who drink and use. Going abroad for treatment means meeting new people traveling from all over the world to seek recovery and find healing.

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Travel of any kind is known to help someone build confidence in themselves as they learn how capable they are of managing new situations. Getting to know new people and new cultures in a new place takes someone out of their normal perception and allows them to get to know a different world, opening their heart to more empathy and compassion.


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