Should Ketamine Be Used For Depression Treatment? While Some Scientists Say Yes, Others Give Warning

Ketamine suddenly became a dichotomy in the headlines. At once, there were small, global reports from Europe, Asia, and America, that Ketamine was becoming a problem among young partygoers. Oft referred to as the “new ecstasy”, ketamine has found popularity in the club and party scene. As more and more people were developing addictions to ketamine and getting lost in the promoted “k-hole” of dissociative hallucination, scientists were looking at ketamine in another light.

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Headlines began to appear about ketamine being a breakthrough drug as treatment for depression and alcoholism. Increasingly, psychedelic drugs from LSD to “magic mushrooms”, from MDMA, a chronic problem in Ireland, to ketamine, are getting a second look from scientists as being viable treatment methods. Sensationalized as a new potential “cure” for alcoholism and depression, debate steadily grew. Should addictive drugs be used as treatment for drug addicts and people at risk of developing a drug addiction because of their predisposition due to mental health?

Ketamine is an addicting drug. When used properly under supervision, it can have tremendous impact in reducing the effects of depression and reducing cravings for alcohol. When not used properly, it can lead to abuse and misuse, which can eventually lead to an addiction. Currently, the use of ketamine as an alternative treatment is not regulated. Doctors can prescribe an “off label” version of ketamine without supervision.

One doctor explains that the best results of using ketamine for treatment are from repeated exposure and dosing. However, that repeated dosing should be administered by a medical professional who can track the dosage amount and the changing effects of the drug. Otherwise, there is room for error. With all of the risks combined, many doctors are advising against the use of the powerful drug for depression and alcoholism. The dissociative qualities of Ketamine could cause severe emotional distress as one feels detached from themselves and loses sight of what constitutes their reality. For people who are challenged with difficulties coping, ketamine poses an especial threat. While the medication might increase the problems already at hand, it could cause a greater problem overall.

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Ketamine is a highly controversial drug that has devastating effects for addicts but can also be employed for addiction treatment. Doctors are divided on how useful this is for recovery.

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