Solvent Addiction

Inhalants are a dangerous substance among teenagers because of how easy they are to access. An inhalant can be anything you can inhale without burning or heating it up which makes it easier for kids to do to get high. According to Daily Mail, 1,700 teens in Britain and Ireland have died from inhalants from 1983-2000. In the Irish Republic, 22% of 15 and 16 year-olds have abused substances. It is important for teens to get access to treatment before the next time they inhale these substances could be the last.

Teens get high from inhalants by intoxicating the fumes from the solvents. Many are under the influence in order the escape the stress of life or just out of complete boredom. There are different kinds of inhalants such as spray paint and glue which can be emptied in a plastic bag with your face inside to inhale the fumes or poured on a rag and then inhaled. They are cheap and easy to find. They can create a high that is followed by a mild crash that leaves addicts zoned out. Laughing gas is found in whipped cream which is also sprayed into a bag and inhaled. Solvents slow down the connections in the brain which makes the body relax. The high you get from a solvent is very short, only lasting a few minutes which causes the addict to inhale again for more of a high.

The effects of inhalants make people feel like they are invincible. There are side effects like dizziness, slurring speech, poor muscle movement, loss of coordination, hallucinations, mental deterioration, drowsiness, coma, and respiratory failure. Sometimes you can notice a strange smell that can remind you of paint and might have nosebleeds or marks around their mouth and noses. Sudden sniffing death can occur in which the heart will stop after inhaling. Addicts should not think that the length of time inhaling these substances will make them safe from this as it can happen your first time or thousandth time.

To prevent this from happening to yourself or someone you know, take them to the emergency if you notice these signs. By going to therapy, the therapist will make the addict understand what the reason was for doing inhalants and about the dangers that occur. It is important not to wait for the worst to happen to realize you need help right away.


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