Treatment Programs Can Be Fun

Going to an in patient treatment facility is a successful solution to recovering from your addiction. It may seem like living at a treatment center can be intimidating since medical professionals and therapists will force you to get to the root of your addiction, make you relive your struggles with addiction as well as the people you may have hurt. Being a patient at a treatment facility should not be treated like being incarcerated. While it is important to attend regular group sessions, private time with your therapist, and do chores such as cooking and cleaning, treatment centers can be a lot of fun in providing you with activities that will both educate you as well as make you feel relaxed and entertained.

There are a variety of fun activities that can be provided at in patient treatment centers. For example, there is adventure therapy where you can do outdoor fun such as climbing ropes, zip-lining, and wilderness activities that can teach you trust, self-confidence, and problem solving skills. Art therapy involves performing or writing music, dancing, and being able to paint, draw, or color to better relax and occupy your mind. This is also a good way of channeling the trauma that led you to your addiction in a creative way.

Writing is another way to express yourself and tell your story whether it is song lyrics, poetry, essays, or even a novel. Arts and crafts such as knitting or building a model can teach you things like focus, paying attention to detail, and directing your attention to your project instead of your addiction.

Rehab centers offer many opportunities to help yourself get into shape and for your body to be healthy. Doing Tai Chi can help you with energy focus and working on your physical condition. Rehab centers also have outdoor equipment, gyms, many fitness classes, and sometimes there will be personal trainers.

Holistic therapy can do wonders for the mind, body, and spirit whether you do yoga, reiki, acupuncture, or massages. Treatment centers can also allow you to leave the center with a group and engage in outside activities such as going to the movies, hiking, fishing, doing sports, rock climbing, gardening, going to the library, and playing board games. Getting treatment should be a vital part to your recovery as what you learn in the facility will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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