What You Are Responsible For in Recovery

Taking responsibility is being accountable for your actions legally, morally, and mentally. When active addicts are confronted about their addiction, they can be known to make up a string of excuses for why they cannot stop instead of taking responsibilities for the negative consequences that come. Taking responsibility means that you are capable of making choices and that you will be held accountable for them whether they are good or bad actions.

Bad things cna and do happen when your life is being controlled by addiction. Without knowledge that the power is in their hands, those who are struggling through active addiction can make excuses such as saying that their addiction is a disease that they cannot fix. While it is true there is no cure for addiction, there are many strategies for successful living in recovery. Someone who is addicted may blame others for the mistakes they make such as the stress, their environment, or any past trauma that was done.

Taking responsibility for your addiction means that you are a willing participant in your recovery. No one can force you to change your life. The power to change is entirely yours. You will be the one making a great deal of effort to do what needs to be done to beat your addiction. If you do not take responsibility, you can continue to suffer through your addiction.

You are responsible for setting small goals for yourself and accomplishing them. This will improve your self-esteem knowing that you got to a good place in your life through your actions. Eventually, you will be able to tackle ambitious, long-term goals to better improve your life. You are also responsible for utilizing all of the tools available in rehab centers such as attending therapy sessions, 12 step meetings, taking medications, and anything else that can help in your recovery.

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