Why Group Therapy May Be Key to Success

Many different rehab programmes and treatment centres offer group therapy in addition to individual counselling for addiction treatment. While some may offer variation in treatment, group therapy has proven to be quite effective for many reasons. Group therapy is a safe space where people can come out of personal shells and feel free of judgement. Many other reasons exist to try group therapy as a key to success in recovery from addiction.


Positive Role Models

Addiction can seem like a trap that is hard to get out of but positive role models see the best in people and situations. Each person in a group understands the attitudes and stigma surrounding substance abuse. This means a newly recovering person with addiction can better understand addiction. Group members also confront individuals who make excuses for not staying sober.


Being Part of Something

Group work allows a person with addiction to feel as if he or she is part of something, to share and open up. This forces open communication with a group of individuals rather than one on one. Being part of a group is a difficult process but important for addiction recovery.



Pushing boundaries is part of the world of addiction but ignoring rules can lead to trouble. In a group therapy setting, people must learn to adhere to rules while they learn and share information. This is important so people with addiction can learn to thrive in the outside world sober.



The final reason group therapy matters is that it brings hope. Addiction can feel hopeless but knowing others understand can feel like a weight is lifted. For the first time, often, a person can finally imagine life beyond addiction. Hope is very important to a person with addiction in recovery for healing and to bring peace.


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