Programme Agenda & Timetable

Safe & Expert Addiction Treatment & Detox

Smarmore Offers Unrivalled Facilities and Medically Managed Detox From Drugs and Alcohol.

Our structured and intensive daily schedule immerses patients in the recovery programme in a safe and supportive environment and has a clear focus. It has been carefully constructed applying over 30 years’ experience in designing alcohol and drug rehab programmes.

We Listen

Our agenda is designed to be varied and engaging and is periodically altered based on the input and views of staff and patients.

A Typical Day

This is an example of a typical day’s activities for patients:

7.30am……Meditation and reflection
8.20am……Therapeutic activities
8.40am……Walk in gardens
9.00am……Lecture and discussion
10.00am……Group therapy
11.20am……Lecture / relaxation / individual therapy
12 noon……Medication issued by nurses
2.00pm……Group therapy
3.00pm……Break / Fitness / Creative Therapy
4.15pm……Peer evaluation / assignment / individual therapy
5.00pm……Life story session
5.30pm……Medication issued by nurses
6.30pm……Outings to AA/NA meetings
6.40pm……Therapeutic assignments
7.30pm……Therapeutic reading group
8.00pm……Assignments / informal sharing
11.00pm……Patients retire to bed

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Learn more about what makes Smarmore Castle a leading private addiction rehab clinic in Ireland.
  • How to Access Rehab With Health Insurance

    For those experiencing existing mental health conditions in Ireland, there are private medical insurers who can help you cover treatment. As addiction experts, we know that receiving the appropriate care and support when you have a mental health disorder is pivotal to attaining long-lasting recovery. Below, we will go through the various health insurance options to help you understand your options when it comes to seeking private residential care for substance abuse. Please note that there is no guarantee that you can be covered for all addiction problems as policies are always assessed on a case-by-case basis. Find Out More

  • My Loved One Doesn’t Want Help, What Do I Do?

    You can’t force someone to go to rehab. A person must be ready to commit to treatment if they want to get the most out of the programme. However, there are ways in which you can encourage someone to enter rehab, one of these ways is via an intervention with a trained interventionist, who facilitates an honest discussion between family members and the individual. This is something Smarmore Castle can arrange – contact us today.

  • Which Drugs Does Smarmore Castle Detox From?

    We offer detox from any drug, whether they are illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, ketamine; or prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines or zopiclone, oxycodone, zolpidem, klonopin, methadone, cannabis; and legal drugs such as alcohol.

  • How Long Is the Treatment Programme?

    Our treatment programme starts at 4 weeks and is flexible in length, giving you the opportunity to extend for a longer period if you need it.

  • Do You Treat Dual Diagnosis?

    Yes. All patients are reviewed by a consultant psychiatrist in the first week and we can diagnose and provide treatment for a number of co-occurring mental health conditions.

  • Do I Need to Be Abstinent Before Admission?

    Our medically managed detoxification with 24/7 medical cover means that we can perform complete and complex detoxes at Smarmore Castle. You don’t need to be abstinent before arrival.

  • How Do I Get To Rehab Safely?

    Smarmore Castle is one hour north of Dublin international airport, please speak to our advisors if you require collection from an airport.

    We can also arrange a ‘sober transport’ service with a trusted driver, from anywhere in Ireland or Northern Ireland, at an additional cost.

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