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Smarmore Offers Unrivalled Facilities and Medically Managed Detox From Alcohol addiction.

Alcoholism is a serious mental illness that can cause both physical and mental suffering to yourself as well as others around you. Alcohol rehab County Meath can take many forms, from private therapy, inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment or community support groups. While a few treatment options are available for alcohol addiction, residential detox and rehab are considered the best treatment path. 

If you struggle to control your drinking or you have become physically dependent on alcohol, then you would benefit from treatment at alcohol rehab. should seek help. 

At Smarmore Castle, we understand how daunting taking that first step can be, so we aim to make the transition into treatment as simple and stress-free as possible. If you want to read more about what you can expect from private rehab in Leeds, continue reading, and find out which treatment options are available in and around the area.

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How to Know if You or a Loved One Needs Rehab for Alcoholism?

For someone suffering from alcohol addiction, admitting you have a drinking problem can feel intimidating, but breaking habits can prove incredibly hard without professional help. Alcohol rehab is a crucial way to overcome alcohol addiction. Without them, they could potentially cause more severe harm than good for your health, relationships, and finances.

Alcoholism is caused by continuous heavy drinking over a long period. Over time, the body builds up a tolerance to substances like alcohol, until eventually, the brain becomes accustomed to its presence. Once consumption of alcohol is suddenly stopped, the brain tries to adjust its absence which triggers a reaction from the central nervous system, called alcohol withdrawal.

It is important that alcoholism is detected as soon as possible. While generally recognisable, some signs are harder to notice. Likewise, a person’s alcohol use intensity can influence how they display these signs and symptoms. Usually, people with an alcohol addiction drink privately and isolate themselves from people that are drunk.

If you are showing signs of drug or alcohol dependence and withdrawal symptoms, you should seek help as soon as possible to prevent the illness from progressing.

Reaching Out

Our caring admissions team are here to answer your questions in complete confidentiality.

How to Help Someone With Alcoholism

The guilt and shame associated with alcoholism can be extremely isolating, and very often, someone suffering from addiction won’t reach out and ask for help.

This is why it’s so important to familiarise yourself with the symptoms of alcoholism. You should first try and 

What Happens at Alcohol Rehab?

Effective alcohol addiction treatment must target the multiple needs of each person, and not just the alcoholism. We develop comprehensive personalised addiction treatment plans that begin with a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment, individualised and medically managed detoxification, and psychiatrist-led therapies targeting dual diagnosis such as grief therapy, trauma therapy and eating disorder therapy.  

Our medical team is led by some of Ireland’s leading addiction specialists – Dr Hugh Gallagher and Consultant Psychiatrist, Prof. Gerry Lynch. Both are highly specialised in addiction treatment and complex dual diagnosis. and they supervise and review the medical and clinical care of patients and prescribe medications. 

All of the expert psychiatry team members work together for the benefit of our patients’ health. In addition to delivering effective and safe rehabilitation, we provide evidence-based treatment and psychosocial counseling. Our approach to treating addictions involves identifying the underlying cause as part of dual diagnoses. It may include mental illness, panic attacks, trauma or depression. Our mission is to provide support for your health and recovery. 

At Smarmore Castle we maintain a welcoming, comfortable and restful environment for patients during their recovery. We offer both shared and private rooms, all of which are ensuite and have a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and a locker. 

Leaving Smarmore Castle marks the beginning of a life-long journey in recovery. All patients leave Smarmore Castle with a personalised continuing care plan.  We offer one year of weekly aftercare groups online via Zoom, at Smarmore Castle and in Dublin, for former patients. This ongoing support helps you sustain your gains in rehab and supports your transition back into your home and work environment, navigating you through any risk of relapse. If relapse does occur we host a relapse group to help you work through the situation. Family members are invited to a family-only aftercare group when a patient leaves.

Alcohol Rehab County Meath

If you’re looking for addiction therapies near County Meath, Smarmore Castle provides a variety of evidence-based treatments and complementary therapies commonly used in rehab recovery programmes. Some of the therapies we offer include: 

Types of Therapies We Offer 

Alcohol Rehab Aftercare

Life after rehab can take some getting used to, and the thought of leaving can feel incredibly daunting. We know that, for people in recovery, this is a crucial time.

Patients receive one year of aftercare group therapy to maintain sobriety once they leave Smarmore Castle. All patients leave with a personalised aftercare plan and join Castle Connect, our alumni group. We host an annual reunion where our alumni are invited back to celebrate their recovery.  

Alcohol Detox near County Meath 

Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can feel daunting, but with 24/7 round-the-clock care, our compassionate medical experts support and encourage you through this process.  

Smarmore Castle is one of the only rehabs in Ireland to provide onsite detoxification from drugs and alcohol. With a 24/7 medical centre our nurses and doctors ensure a safe and comfortable detox.  

Alcohol Detox at Home

Attempting to detox from alcohol at home is possible, but strongly discouraged as it can be dangerous. Sudden cessation of alcohol 

We safely reduce any physical symptoms you may experience during detox with medications and complementary therapies. 

Inpatient vs Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Benefits of Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

Residential treatments remove you from the usual life and give you the opportunity to drink

Cons of Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

Private rehab costs prevent many people from getting the help they need.

Benefits of Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient alcohol rehab is designed to fit around your personal and work commitments providing you with addiction treatment without too much disruption to your daily life. As outpatient care doesn’t require you to reside at the clinic during treatment, you are able to remain in employment and 

Cons of Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

While outpatient rehab is flexible and often costs less than residential rehab, it doesn’t restrict your access to alcohol. 

Although Smarmore does not currently offer outpatient care, our London-based addiction clinic CATCH Recovery provides many outpatient services including online therapy, family therapy, couples therapy and trauma therapy

Why Come to Smarmore Castle?

If you’re currently based in County Meath and are seeking addiction treatment for alcohol addiction, then Smarmore Castle is the perfect place to start your journey. 

We are a family-based rehabilitation centre in Ireland specialising in addictions to alcohol and other substances. Our skilled team provides clinically-based treatment programmes based around the 12-step philosophy which includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, psychoeducation, Group & Individual & Complementary Treatment. The Smarmore Castle Rehabilitation Centre has been incorporated as one of the family-based rehab centres throughout Europe. Compassion for patients remains the foundation for all our activities and you can trust that we provide the finest care available to help your healing.

Thousands of people from all over Ireland, the UK and worldwide have turned to Smarmore Castle for quality treatment, extensive services, expertly delivered therapies and dedicated family support.  

Set in the beautiful hills of the Co. Louth countryside, amid a private parkland estate, one hour north of Dublin, and an hour from Belfast, Smarmore Castle is a sanctuary for recovery. Our residents are blessed with freedom and detachment from the pressures of the outside world. The air is fresh and clean; wildlife, trees and plants are abundant.  

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Free Alcohol Help Services Near County Meath 

Meath Community Drug & Alcohol Response (MCDAR)


Unit 1 Haggard Mews 



Phone number:

(087) 0933759

HSE Drugs & Alcohol Helpline

This confidential service has both a freephone Helpline (1800 459 459) and an email support service (

HSE Meath Alcohol Counselling Service

Beaufort House, Old Athboy Road, Navan, Meath

Phone: (046) 9071648

Support & treatment for alcohol misuse

Referral via GP or self-referral

HSE Alcohol Counselling

Newmarket House, 2 Newmarket St, Kells, Meath

Phone: (046) 9249111 / 9249038

Referral via GP only


How much does alcohol rehab cost?

The cost of rehab will depend on several factors such as whether you choose inpatient or outpatient care. Location, facilities and detox also impact the final cost of treatment. 

How long does alcohol rehab take?

The length of treatment will be based on the type of care you require. For example, if you need a medical detox 

Does alcohol rehab work?

Almost a third of alcohol and drug users have reported being able to stop using their drug within a month of discharge. About 80% of those surveyed reported having a better quality of life and a healthier lifestyle at the end of drug rehabilitation

Does insurance cover alcohol rehab?

Many insurance companies do insure for addiction treatment, which comes under most policies as mental illness. It’s worth checking with your provider to find out what you are covered for and whether you are fully or partially insured for private alcohol rehab. 

  • How to Access Rehab With Health Insurance

    For those experiencing existing mental health conditions in Ireland, there are private medical insurers who can help you cover treatment. As addiction experts, we know that receiving the appropriate care and support when you have a mental health disorder is pivotal to attaining long-lasting recovery. Below, we will go through the various health insurance options to help you understand your options when it comes to seeking private residential care for substance abuse. Please note that there is no guarantee that you can be covered for all addiction problems as policies are always assessed on a case-by-case basis. Find Out More

  • My Loved One Doesn’t Want Help, What Do I Do?

    You can’t force someone to go to rehab. A person must be ready to commit to treatment if they want to get the most out of the programme. However, there are ways in which you can encourage someone to enter rehab, one of these ways is via an intervention with a trained interventionist, who facilitates an honest discussion between family members and the individual. This is something Smarmore Castle can arrange – contact us today.

  • Which Drugs Does Smarmore Castle Detox From?

    We offer detox from any drug, whether they are illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, ketamine; or prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines or zopiclone, oxycodone, zolpidem, klonopin, methadone, cannabis; and legal drugs such as alcohol.

  • How Long Is the Treatment Programme?

    Our treatment programme starts at 4 weeks and is flexible in length, giving you the opportunity to extend for a longer period if you need it.

  • Do You Treat Dual Diagnosis?

    Yes. All patients are reviewed by a consultant psychiatrist in the first week and we can diagnose and provide treatment for a number of co-occurring mental health conditions.

  • Do I Need to Be Abstinent Before Admission?

    Our medically managed detoxification with 24/7 medical cover means that we can perform complete and complex detoxes at Smarmore Castle. You don’t need to be abstinent before arrival.

  • How Do I Get To Rehab Safely?

    Smarmore Castle is one hour north of Dublin international airport, please speak to our advisors if you require collection from an airport.

    We can also arrange a ‘sober transport’ service with a trusted driver, from anywhere in Ireland or Northern Ireland, at an additional cost.

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