Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, or you’re looking into rehab for a loved one, then you probably have a questions about the process and what to expect.

Here you can find the answers to some frequently asked questions about treatment at Smarmore Castle.

Coming to Smarmore

  • What Is the Admission Timeline for Smarmore Castle?

    Smarmore Castle is committed to maintaining as short an admission waiting time as possible. Admission requires a telephone assessment which can normally be facilitated within 24 hours of first contact.

    Patients must be cleared by our medical and management team, which may be facilitated within the same working day if medical information is not required. Subject to clearance, patients can be admitted to treatment within 2 – 7 days (subject to room availability). Please reach out to our team to start the process.

  • What Are the Payment Options for Treatment?

    Payment methods differ based on each person’s circumstances. The options available include self-funding, using private healthcare insurance, or funding from HSE. Our admissions staff are available to provide detailed information and guidance on the various payment options.

  • How Can I Assist Someone Reluctant to Seek Help for Addiction?

    Supporting a loved one struggling with addiction is challenging and can be emotionally taxing. A professional intervention can be an effective approach when direct efforts seem futile.

    This can help in persuading the person to recognise they need urgent help. At Smarmore, we work with a team of qualified interventionists who can help guide you through the process. Speak to our advisors about this option.

    Call 041 214 5111.

  • How Do I Get to Smarmore Castle?

    Smarmore Castle is within easy access off the M1 motorway and is just over an hour’s drive from Dublin and Belfast Airports. We are happy to collect patients from both international airports by prior arrangement.

    Dublin and Belfast airports offer daily flights from most destinations in the UK and internationally.

    Aer Lingus and Ryanair are Ireland’s main airlines. Aer Lingus presently accepts a driving licence or other means of photographic identification, such as employment or travel ID for travel from the UK. Ryanair requires a passport for UK citizens Please check before booking your tickets.

    Search flights to Dublin or Belfast.

About the Programme

  • What Is the Typical Duration for Rehabilitation Treatment?

    Smarmore Castle Private Clinic offers 4 – 12 weeks programmes. The length of treatment will depend on each patient’s individual needs and personal circumstances. Key factors in the decision can include detox requirements and the severity of addiction. Detox duration varies based on substance type and frequency of use. Additional considerations such as mental health conditions like depression or trauma may influence the treatment length. At Smarmore, we recognise the uniqueness of each addiction case. The minimum treatment programme offered is strictly 4 weeks. Patient requests for treatment extensions are a viewed as priority thereafter.

  • Can I Expect Medically Supervised Detoxification at Your Facility?

    Smarmore Castle’s onsite 24-hour medical team enables the clinic to offer a full medically managed detox where necessary.

  • How Effective Are Your Treatment Programmes?

    Our treatment approach, inspired by the Minnesota Model, has been successful for thousands of patients. Independent studies on this programme at our sister clinic, Castle Craig indicate that 73% of our patients maintain long-term abstinence, with 92% showing significant overall improvement.

  • What Is the Ratio of Staff to Patients in Your Facility?

    We prioritise a high therapist-to-patient ratio: 4/5 staff members to every patient at full capacity.

    Our team of professionals include our Medical Director and consultant psychiatrist, a 24-hour medical team, full-time nurses, trained healthcare workers and an addiction-qualified therapy team supported by our recovery advocates.

  • Do You Provide Treatment Services Exclusively for Women?

    We offer women-only group therapy sessions and aqua therapy sessions. Understanding the unique needs of women, especially concerning trauma or abuse, we create a safe and comfortable environment for them to share and heal.

  • What Should I Expect After My Treatment?

    Once you have completed treatment your therapist will prepare a personalised continuing care plan. With your permission, we coordinate with your GP and other necessary health professionals for ongoing support.

    We provide information and contact details for local support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. We also offer a weekly Aftercare Programme for patients and families. This can be discussed during treatment.

  • Are Your Programmes Accommodating to Patients With Religious Beliefs?

    Our treatment programme follows the 12 Step model, which not only provides a structured approach to recovery but also incorporates spiritual principles that can resonate with patients of various faith backgrounds. This model allows religious patients to integrate their beliefs into their recovery journey, finding strength and guidance through their spirituality.

Staying At Smarmore

  • Are Family Visits and Calls Allowed?

    There is no visitation at Smarmore Castle as it can act as a distraction from treatment. However, patients are permitted one phone call three times a week and one Zoom call at weekends.

    We recognise the importance of having contact with loved ones, but from our experience, it’s equally as important for patients to be very focused in their recovery during their precious time with us.

    Additionally, an onsite Family Therapy session is arranged by the patient and their therapist with identified family members.

  • What Type of Clothing Should I Pack?
    • It’s best to bring ‘smart casual’ attire for daily wear.
    • For fitness activities: gym clothing, trainers and a swimming attire for our pool and sauna.
    • A waterproof jacket or coat is advised.
    • Slippers, dressing gown (bathrobe), nightwear, and personal toiletries.
    • Towels and bed linen will be provided.

    Our admissions team will send you a full list of items that should be brought and left at home.

  • Am I Allowed to Send and Receive Mail?

    Yes, you can send and/or receive mail. All packages received must be opened in the presence of a member of staff.

  • Is Smoking Permitted?

    Smoking is allowed in designated sheltered areas outside the main buildings. We also offer smoking cessation therapy for those interested in quitting.

    Please note that rolling tobacco and electronic vapes are not permitted on the premises.

  • Can I Purchase Toiletries at the Facility?

    We offer a limited range of toiletries on-site.  However, we organise a weekly shop order system where patients can buy essential items.

  • Can I Bring Vitamins and Food Supplements?

    You may bring supplements in commercially sealed containers, subject to staff inspection. Supplements deemed counterproductive to your clinical care may not be allowed. Please notify the admissions staff about any supplements you plan to bring before your arrival to avoid any inconvenience.

  • What About Dental and Other Appointments?

    Emergency dental appointments can be arranged during your stay.  Patients are liable for any costs incurred. Non-emergency appointments should be postponed or undertaken before entering treatment.

  • Can I Get Optician Services During My Stay?

    Unfortunately, we cannot arrange optician appointments. Please ensure your glasses or contact lenses are suitable for your stay.

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