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Smarmore Castle Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Smarmore Offers Unrivalled Facilities and Medically Managed Detox From Drugs and Alcohol.

Funding Rehab Through Private Medical Insurance

Funding rehab through private medical insurance offers several benefits. It can alleviate the financial burden of treatment, making high-quality care more accessible. Insurance often covers a range of services, including detox, therapy, and aftercare, ensuring comprehensive treatment. Local HSE services may not cater to the specific treatments you require and availability is often limited and waiting periods lengthy. Alternatively, the immediate access to specialised care that private facilities like Smarmore offer can be a deciding factor for many, providing reassurance and timely support in critical moments.

At Smarmore Castle, we take pride in the quality of our facilities. Our hospital sites are designed to be not just comfortable, but also inviting and well-kept. This ensures an optimal environment for our patients, one that fosters focus and dedication to their journey of recovery.

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The Admissions Process 

Below is an outline of the admissions process if you’re looking to fund addiction treatment at Smarmore Castle through Geo Blue insurance.

  1. Verify Your Coverage: Contact Geo Blue to confirm your insurance coverage for addiction treatment, including inpatient and outpatient services, and any limitations or prerequisites.
  2. Contact Smarmore Castle: Reach out to Smarmore Castle to discuss their treatment programs and verify that they accept Geo Blue insurance.
  3. Submit Insurance and Referral Details: Provide Smarmore Castle with your Geo Blue insurance information and the referral from your healthcare provider.
  4. Assessment by Smarmore Castle: Undergo a full assessment by Smarmore Castle, which is a prerequisite for admission. This assessment helps determine the specifics of your treatment plan.
  5. Approval from Geo Blue: Ensure that Geo Blue approves the specific treatment plan and services recommended by Smarmore Castle.
  6. Finalise Admission Details: Coordinate with Smarmore Castle’s admissions team to finalise your admission date and any other logistics, ensuring alignment with Geo Blue’s coverage.
  7. Begin Treatment: Start your treatment journey at Smarmore Castle once all approvals are in place and the admission process is complete.

This process involves coordination between you, your healthcare provider, Smarmore Castle, and Geo Blue insurance to ensure a seamless admission and treatment experience.

Funding Via Geo Blue

  • Geo Blue covers mental, emotional, alcoholism and drug abuse.
  • Offering bespoke inpatient and outpatient cover for mental health, the same services are also offered for any form of substance abuse.

Details are as follows:

  1. Inpatient mental health: 100% up to 60 days
  2. Outpatient mental health: 75% up to 40 visits / 60% after that
  3. Inpatient substance abuse: 100% up to 60 days and detox
  4. Outpatient substance abuse: 75% up to 40 visits / 60% after that

Other Insurers with Smarmore Castle

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