Self Esteem – How Does It Relate to Addiction?

Does it matter what others think of us? Apart from people affected by certain mental illnesses such as psychopathy, almost every one of us is affected to some extent by the opinions of others. Low self-esteem can lead to addiction and it can also reinforce it.  We Need to Relate to Each Other  Very few […]

SAD and Addiction – Is There a Link?

At this time of year as the seasons change, people start to talk about seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and its links to addictive behaviour, particularly substance abuse. The two conditions can be treated concurrently. Symptoms of SAD should never be ignored.   What Is SAD (Seasonal Affective Disroder)?  SAD is a mental health disorder and recognised […]

Can Social Media Help Addiction Recovery?

These days, Twelve Step programmes are available to help recovery from any addiction. They have several defining characteristics: Acceptance, Self-help and Spirituality being notably significant. Perhaps less appreciated is the concept of Community that they all contain. The Power of ‘We’ The power of addiction cannot be overcome alone; help is needed and there is […]

Citizen’s information for free drug addiction services

Where to Access Free Drug Addiction Help If you require free treatment for drug addiction, various options are available to you – however, it will depend on your needs and severity. In the public health service, non-residential treatment is free of charge. You can claim free addiction treatment services provided by HSE Drug and Alcohol […]

The Irish rehab that offers the most patient facilities and services

Smarmore Castle Smarmore Castle is the third rehabilitation centre opened by Peter and Dr Margaret McCann that has been designed to help people recover successfully from drug, alcohol and behavioural addictions. Based in County Louth and within reach of Northern Ireland, we have successfully treated over 1200 people addicted to both drugs and alcohol. We […]

Alcohol and Recovery on St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is synonymous with alcohol and this can be difficult if you are in early recovery from alcoholism. Even with bars and pubs shut this St Patrick’s Day it is hard to avoid discounts on sales of alcohol in the shops, and news reports say that people will still be meeting in secret […]

Quaaludes Addiction

Quaaludes were very popular in the 1960s and 1970s as a synthetic central nervous system depressant. It was originally introduced as a safe barbiturate substitute with people believing there would be no negative effects. Even though Quaaludes are no longer legal in the US, there are still people who are addicted and need to get […]

Environmental Factors in Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Just like genetics can have a factor in the chances of becoming an addict, the environment plays a big role too. If a person lives where they are surrounded by bars or drug dealers, the chances of becoming an addict can increase. It is important for schools and the community to expose teens to education […]

How You Can Be an Advocate for Recovery Everyday

Being an advocate for addiction recovery, it is when you develop actions and activities to influence decision makers to grow, establish, or change policies concerning drug laws. Europe has 218 drug law advocacy groups. One of them is the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) which provides overview of drug problems and […]

Why Society Views Addicts and Alcoholics Negatively

Addiction is classified as a medical disease, just as asthma and diabetes are diseases. However, society has long treated addiction in a much more negative light than other diseases. Even when conditions such as cancer and hypertension result from habits like smoking cigarettes or eating a salt-rich diet, we treat the disease without judging the […]

Some Addictions Are Legal

Prescription painkillers can be sourced from two places. One is from drug dealers on the street. Buying prescription pills, making dirty deals with pharmacists, buying imitation drugs from manufacturers- however dealers get their prescription painkiller drugs, they are able to sell them illegally. The other option for getting prescription painkillers is not illegal. In fact, […]

Relapse Prevention for Sex Addiction

After completing a residential treatment programme for sex addiction, it is strongly encouraged to spend as much time in a structured, clinical environment as possible where abstinence is advocated. At least six months of sexual abstinence of all kind is recommended for those in treatment for recovery sex addiction. Abstinence is a way to make […]