Does Alcohol Cause Acne?

Everyone knows that excessive alcohol consumption damages your health. It can take a toll on the skin, even if alcohol is not the direct cause of acne.  So, how alcohol affects your body, and how could this impact your skin?  Alcohol Can Trigger Acne, But It’s Not the Direct Cause Acne is a skin condition […]

7 Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms in Addiction

Addiction, including alcohol and drug addiction, is a brain disease that impacts various brain functions to do with reward, pleasure, memory, and motivation. It doesn’t just ‘happen’, instead it typically develops over a period of time.  If you’re wondering what are the stages of addiction, they can be broadly characterised as initial use, which leads […]

Is My Dad an Alcoholic?

Whether we’re big or small, we all worry about our dads. Maybe you’ve noticed your dad’s behaviour has changed – he’s become moody and grumpy, or perhaps he’s shouting at you and other family members, and this is scaring you. Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in his lifestyle – he’s not getting to work on […]

Oxycodone Addiction: Why is Oxycodone so Addictive?

Oxycodone is an opioid medication prescribed for severe pain. But while it is an effective form of pain relief, it can lead to oxycodone addiction.  Addiction to opioids, including prescription drugs like oxycodone, is a growing concern in the UK. Approximately half (2,219) of all drug poisoning deaths registered in 2021 involved an opioid (with heroin and morphine being […]

Stress Management in Addiction Recovery

Stress can cause addiction, exacerbate it and increase the chances of relapse which makes it necessary to incorporate stress management in addiction recovery. Because of the integral role stress plays in addiction, it’s critical that any treatment plan for addiction includes stress management tools. Whether you’re dealing with stress in your current life or are […]

What Happens After Detox?

In order to beat a serious drug or alcohol addiction, it is often necessary to undergo a detox. This is usually the first step in tackling addiction and it deals with only the physical aspect of addiction. That is to remove the substance from your body, deal with any withdrawal symptoms and end up in […]

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

You may want to stop drinking alcohol for any number of reasons. Perhaps you’re after the health benefits of sobriety, such as more energy and better sleep. Maybe it’s a challenge or a way to raise money for a cause close to your heart. This article teaches you how to stop drinking alcohol and why it […]

Am I an Alcoholic if I Drink a Bottle of Wine a Day?

For many people, wine can be easy to drink. But if you’re drinking a bottle of wine a day on a regular basis you’re at risk of significant health issues. The real question you need to ask yourself is “am I an alcoholic?” It can also be the beginning of alcohol dependence or alcoholism. This […]

Low Self Esteem and Addiction – How Are They Related?

Does it matter what others think of us? Apart from people affected by certain mental illnesses such as psychopathy, almost every one of us is affected to some extent by the opinions of others. Low self-esteem can lead to addiction and it can also reinforce it. Let us understand how low self esteem and addiction are […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Addiction – Is There a Link?

At this time of year, as the seasons change, people start to talk about the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and its links to addictive behaviour, particularly substance abuse. The two conditions can be treated concurrently. Symptoms of SAD should never be ignored.   What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder and Addiction?  SAD is a mental health disorder […]

Trouble With the Law? How Addiction leads to Legal Problems

Addiction leads to legal problems in a variety of unexpected ways. Rehabilitation from an addiction of any kind should not be judgmental and help is available for those attempting to recover regardless of past legal problems.  Legal Consequences Are Often Unforeseen Addicted people are especially at risk of falling foul of the law. Addiction will […]