Stress Management in Addiction Recovery

Stress can cause addiction, exacerbate it and increase the chances of relapse. Because of the integral role stress plays in addiction, it’s critical that any treatment plan for addiction includes stress management tools. Whether you’re dealing with stress in your current life or are impacted by chronic stress in earlier life, alcohol and drug abuse […]

Denial as a Coping Strategy for Alcoholism

Denial as a Powerful Symptom of Alcoholism  Chances are you likely have an idea of what coping is – we all have coping mechanisms we automatically use daily. But did you know that denial can keep you alive? Therapists and psychiatrists often talk of denial as if it is something terrible or unnatural. However often […]

10 Things I Don’t Miss About my Alcohol Addiction

Living an Alcohol-Free Life – Why It’s Better than Ever From feeling constantly angry and depressed to being permanently broke, my alcohol addiction caused a series of bad decisions that I will always regret. Only the other day, someone asked me if I missed alcohol. Almost a decade ago, I had my last drink after […]

5 Lies I Told Myself About my Husband’s Drug Addiction

The Truth About My Husband’s Addiction that Took Years to Unveil If there’s one crucial thing I’ve learned is that addicts lie. It doesn’t matter how much they love you or your family unit; they lie cheat and steal. They lie to their bosses, families, friends, and themselves. It’s not personal. My husband hated himself […]

Dramatically Reduce the Side Effects of Cocaine

Understanding the Feelings of a Cocaine High Even the highest-quality cocaine carries the risk of overdose and poses numerous dangerous cardiac and neurological consequences. On top of that, cocaine is known to trigger mental illnesses or worsen the condition of someone struggling with depression, anxiety, or bipolar. Regardless of why you choose to do cocaine […]

The number of heroin users in treatment in Ireland hit record numbers

Record Number of Heroin Users in Ireland Needing Addiction Help Here at Smarmore Castle, we treat huge numbers of heroin dependent users every year. Over the last decade, our admissions department has seen substantial increases in heroin-dependent individuals seeking help, support and recovery. See treating heroine addiction. But it’s not just our specialised addiction team […]

More than 1 in 5 Irish Men are at risk of developing a gambling habit

Huge Rise in Gambling over 10 years For decades, we have seen how addiction to Gambling can tear apart families and destroy lives – however, today, with the normalisation of betting, a fifth more young gamblers are at risk of developing a severe problem. See treatment for gambling addiction. We have seen a 31% rise […]

Belfast Addiction Services

Types of Addiction Treatment in Belfast We understand addiction like no one else. Whatever your vice is, we know that addiction can often make you feel like you’re all alone, with no one there to listen or understand your story, let alone help guide you to the other side. And whilst addiction programmes can be […]

Why You’re so Hooked: The Science Behind Gambling

Gambling: What Happens in the brain when we Get Hooked – and How to Regain Control A gambling addiction can happen to anyone at any time. Gambling is so very addictive due to the potential rewards and dopamine release to the brain. When the brain reacts to the sensations of gambling or betting, its reward […]

Evidence-based intervention techniques for drug addiction

Staging Interventions for Drug Addiction In our own experience and recent research, an intervention for substance dependence is one of the most successful ways of breaking down denial and helping reluctant addicts find recovery. But for many, convincing their loved one to enter treatment for drug abuse is not easy and causes more harm than […]

Quitting drinking, positive benefits of sobriety

Benefits of Stopping Drinking Alcohol Completely Just like cigarettes give warnings on the front of their packs, the dangers and health risks of alcohol are well-known, hugely circulated and easily ignored. Smarmore and long term sobriety But until something terrible happens to you or a loved one due to alcoholism, you will never truly grasp […]

Scientists claim ‘another’ cure for cocaine addiction is in reach

Medical Opinion: Experimental vs Evidence-based Therapies for Cocaine Addiction As addiction specialists, therapists and doctors, the team at Smarmore are always looking for ways to improve our Addiction Treatment Programme by keeping up to date with current research claiming to treat cocaine addiction effectively. “It has been scientifically proven that residential rehab offers the greatest […]