Mental Health and Food

BBC reports on the revolutionary effect food can have in improving the lives of those living with mental illnesses. “A landmark 2015 article in the prestigious Lancet journal stated that nutrition may be as important to mental health as it is to cardiology, endocrinology and gastroenterology.” Additionally, citing a study Australian study, the article emphasizes, […]

Why Do I Identify as an Addict or Alcoholic at 12 Step Meetings?

“Hi,” we start off, “My name is _____ and I’m an alcoholic.” More information on our addiction treatment Alcohol Drugs Gambling I’m an addict, I’m a gambling addict, I’m a sex addict, I’m a love addict, I’m a sex and love addict, I’m codependent, I’m an overeater, I have an eating disorder. When we introduce […]

Pain Management without Addicting Medications? It’s Possible

Pain management today has become synonymous with opioid medications. Once widely regarded as the sole treatment option for any kind of pain management necessities, doctors are now taking another careful look at opioids. Global death rates of opioid overdose have steadily risen in recent years, giving doctors a reason to reconsider their go-to prescriptions for […]

Is Abstinence Required for Addiction Treatment?

A diabetic is told they must refrain from eating high sugar foods in order to maintain their health. Every Time they eat sugar, they risk a serious health complication and push themselves closer to long term complications, which could result in deadly diseases. Most diabetics become extremely regimented in their diets, avoiding sugar and scrutinously […]

The Benefits of Sauna Therapy During Addiction Treatment

Smarmore offers many luxuries and amenities to clients of our residential treatment programmes, each of which has a distinct purpose for addiction treatment and recovery. Sauna therapy is proven to have tremendous health benefits for mind and body.   Circulation is not a frequently discussed issue as a negative effect of drug and alcohol addiction. […]

While Addiction Increases for Adults, Youth Experimentation Decreases in Ireland

Compared to 25 other countries in the Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children study by the Health Promotion Research Center, according to The Times UK, Irish schoolchildren have significantly healthier lifestyles. Nearly 75% of Irish children reported liking school, though 43% reported feeling high amounts of pressure from their school work. 50,000 students between the ages […]

The Devastation Of Ketamine

While reports increase globally about the efficacy of Ketamine in treating depression or even addiction, countries in the EU become increasingly aware of how devastating ketamine can be. The psychoactive drug is classified as a dissociative drug because of its ability to create mental separation from reality, the body, and the self. Collectively referred to […]

Eating Disorders In Ireland

200,000 people in Ireland are affected by eating disorders according to The Eating DIsorders Association of Ireland. Each year, 80 deaths occur as a result of eating disorders, severe mental health issues which cause extreme physical distress. Of those with eating disorders in Ireland, 85% of them are young females ranging in age from girls […]

Ireland’s Problem With MDMA/ Ecstasy

The 2017 Global Drugs Survey has revealed that Ireland is the world’s leading consumer of MDMA, a party drug commonly known as ecstasy. 39.7 percent of respondents admitted taking MDMA either in pill form, its most popular form, or using in powder form, a relatively new development, within the last twelve months. Compared to the […]