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Smarmore Castle Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Smarmore Offers Unrivalled Facilities and Medically Managed Detox From Drugs and Alcohol.

The first day at Smarmore Castle marks the beginning of your journey to a life free from addiction. We provide a structured and supportive environment which allows patients to focus on healing and recovery. The first day is focussed on orientation, assessing your needs and helping you settle into the programme. Here we will explain what you can expect on the first day of treatment at Smarmore Castle.

Medical Assessment 

Upon arrival, you will undergo a comprehensive medical assessment. This is a very important step in the treatment process as it determines your specific needs, including whether detox is necessary. If detox is required, it will be managed by our experienced medical team at Smarmore. During this evaluation, you can expect a detailed review of your medical history, including any prior treatments and health issues. The assessment typically involves a physical examination, mental health evaluation, and necessary diagnostic tests to help us understand the full spectrum of your needs. This holistic approach not only focuses on addiction but also addresses co-occurring disorders, ensuring a well-rounded treatment strategy. The medical team, consisting of experienced professionals, works closely with each patient, ensuring they feel comfortable and understood throughout this initial yet vital stage of their recovery journey.

Receiving Your Welcome Pack & Programme Timetable

Following your assessment you will receive a welcome pack which includes a detailed programme timetable, guidelines and procedures, details of visiting times and some written assessments. During orientation one of our senior therapists will take you through this information, explain the treatment process and address any queries you may have. This step is essential in establishing clear expectations, ensuring you feel well-informed and comfortable with your upcoming treatment.

Meeting Your Recovery Community

At Smarmore Castle new patients receive a warm welcome from staff and fellow patients. Integration into the recovery community is a significant part of your first day in rehab. You will be assigned a mentor who will introduce you to other community members. Having a supportive community is crucial in addiction recovery as it encourages a sense of belonging, provides peer support, and helps in sharing experiences and strategies for coping with challenges. Sharing experiences with those who understand and empathise with you creates a sense of belonging and reduces feelings of isolation. At Smarmore Castle, the emphasis on building a strong, supportive recovery community highlights the power of collective strength in overcoming addiction, making it an important part of the treatment process.

Settling In

At Smarmore Castle, we want the first day to be welcoming and stress-free for all of our patients beginning their recovery journey. Upon arrival, you are warmly greeted and given a tour of the facility to help you familiarise yourself with your new environment. You will be introduced to staff and fellow patients and then taken to your private accommodation. The initial days are focused on acclimatization, with gentle introductions to therapy schedules and amenities. This period allows patients to ease into the therapeutic routine, ensuring a smooth transition into the comprehensive treatment program offered at Smarmore Castle.

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Involving Loved Ones in the Treatment Process

At Smarmore, we acknowledge the importance of involving loved ones in the treatment process. Keeping families informed from the very beginning of rehab can significantly enhance the recovery experience. We offer family therapy sessions to help you repair and strengthen familial bonds, which can be crucial in supporting long-term recovery.

This approach addresses the impact of addiction on the family unit, promoting healing for all members. It also educates families about addiction, equipping them with strategies to support their loved one post-treatment. Involving family thus enhances the effectiveness of treatment, increases the chances of sustained recovery, and strengthens familial bonds, making it a vital component of the addiction recovery process. 

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