Alcohol and Suicide: Statistics, Causes, Alcohol Abuse

There is a tragic link between alcohol and suicide. The World Health Organisation estimates that those who are currently abusing alcohol are at a risk of suicide 8 times greater than those who aren’t. Furthermore, alcohol is known to stimulate or worsen depressive feelings and anxiety. It also increases the risk of self-harming behaviour. It […]

The Cycle of Addiction

It’s Friday night and you’re bored. You’re brainstorming things to do and recall how much fun that party last week was, despite the wicked hangover afterwards. So, you decide to call your friends and invite them to the bar. Unfortunately, they’re busy and you’re disappointed. Due to lack of other options, you go on your […]

Drug Induced Psychosis: What is it and How to Help

When people think of psychosis, they often think of someone acting “crazy” or “psychotic”. Psychosis is more than that, and is classified as a legitimate mental disorder. Although there are many types of psychosis, this article focuses on drug-induced psychosis caused by substance abuse. Defining Drug-Induced Psychosis Drug-induced psychosis is also known as substance-induced psychotic […]

What are the Emotional Effects of Alcohol?

Many of us drink to feel happy or relaxed or to mask or avoid our feelings. Alcohol is a powerful drug that initially can seem like a one-stop solution to any situation. It can even act beneficially if used responsibly. However, when a person starts to abuse alcohol, the emotional effects it produces can turn […]

Coping with a New Diagnosis in Recovery

You may think that everything is going well with your recovery and that it is only smooth sailing from here. Then you find out from your therapist that you have a mental illness you never thought you had or you develop an addiction on top of your mental illness. You may feel frustrated that you […]

The Role of Drug Rehab for Helping Depression

 It is not uncommon for people to know someone in the family or amongst friends who has struggled with addiction. Many people have a difficult time understanding addiction. Many different reasons exist why a person may experience depression but understanding how drug rehabilitation and depression go hand-in-hand can be helpful.   Treatments are usually set […]