Frances Taylor

Frances possesses a keen awareness of the repercussions of recovery, especially within familial contexts, and always considered securing a modest role within this sector. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted Frances to explore opportunities beyond the realm of tourism, leading her to join Smarmore as the Admissions Officer in 2022.

Frances comes to Smarmore with a professional background in Tourism Management spanning over two decades, during which she led both national and international projects. Her efforts in this domain were acknowledged with several tourism innovation awards. Having returned to education as an adult, Frances pursued her studies through Open University, successfully attaining a Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.

As a mother of four children, Frances draws parallels between the experience of motherhood and her responsibilities at Smarmore. She perceives both roles as equally privileged, challenging, and rewarding.

Frances spends her spare time camping throughout Germany in her campervan, called ‘Elvis’.