Clinical Governance & Quality Assurance

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic’s medical and clinical practice is governed by clinical protocols and procedures. Our main clinical governance objectives are:

  • Patients’ care is our most important responsibility
  • We provide evidence based treatment for addictions
  • We maintain high standards of clinical care
  • We ensure the safety of our patients and staff
  • We are committed to clinical audit, continuous improvement and the promotion of clinical excellence.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance

We are proud to have recently received the IntertekISO 9001:2008  internationally-recognised accreditation for quality management. This is the world’s most established quality framework and it has recognised that we have its quality assurance standards in place at Smarmore Clinic.

The IntertekISO 9001:2008 certificate officially confirms that Smarmore Castle Private Clinic’s medical, nursing and administrative procedures, our management, training and supervision of staff are in line with best practice. As proof of our commitment to continual improvement, our operations and management procedures are subject to regular audit and will be routinely reviewed and updated.

The ISO 9001:2008 certificate demonstrates that Smarmore Castle Private Clinic:

  • Fulfills service users’ quality requirements
  • Follows applicable regulatory requirements
  • Enhances patient satisfaction
  • Achieves continual performance improvement.

Clinical Governance Meetings

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic has a clinical governance meeting quarterly to address specific quality control and risk management developments within the clinic. Recent feedback from the patient satisfaction surveys are reviewed here.

Risk Management

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic has a risk management strategy. This ensures that all clinical staff are fully trained in clinical risk management. All incident reports are reviewed within the clinical governance meeting and appropriate actions are taken to address these.

Staff Training and Development

Smarmore Clinic is dedicated to achieving clinical excellence in all areas of treatment. Our best resource is our staff. We invest in our staff’s continuous professional development by implementing a strategic training policy for all members of staff. 

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