Addictions We Treat

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Alcohol, Drug or Behavioural Addictions

Smarmore Castle has an experienced multidisciplinary team to help with addiction of all types.

At Smarmore Castle, we provide comprehensive treatment for a wide range of addictions and compulsive behaviours. Our specialised programmes are tailored to address each patient’s needs, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery. Discover the various addictions we treat and learn about our effective treatment methods.

Alcohol Addiction

Concerned about your drinking habits or worried about a loved one’s alcohol use? We provide a supportive environment to understand and overcome alcohol addiction. Our treatments are designed to help you regain control and rebuild a healthy lifestyle. Detoxing from alcohol can be life-threatning, Smarmore Castle offers medically managed detox, our team of doctor’s and nurses are here to ensure one’s detox process is comfortable, effective and above all, safe.

Drug Addiction

Our clinic treats all forms of illicit drug use, including cocaine, heroin and cannabis. We understand the complex nature of these addictions and offer bespoke programmes that focus on both physical and psychological recovery. As with alcohol, we Smarmore’s medically managed detox programme is there to ensure safe and effective detox from drugs should it be necessary.

Prescription Drug Addiction

We address the growing concern of prescription drug addiction, tackling dependencies on benzodiazepines, opiates, and stimulants. Our programme involves both medical and therapeutic strategies to combat habit-forming behaviours associated with these drugs. 

Polysubstance Addiction

The challenge of polysubstance addiction, where individuals are addicted to multiple substances or behaviours, requires a specialist approach. Our programmes are specifically designed to address the complexities of these dependencies, focusing on comprehensive care and safety.

Smarmore also incorporates complementary therapies such as drumming and equine therapy so we can tackle the disease of addiction from all angles.

Gambling Addiction

Recognising that addiction extends beyond substances, we also treat gambling addiction. This compulsive behaviour can lead to significant financial and relationship issues. Our treatment plans aim to help patients regain control and begin a new life, free from addiction. 

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Secondary Addictions We Treat

In addition to primary addictions, we treat a range of secondary addictions and compulsive behaviours. These can often be just as debilitating as substance dependencies and require specialised care.


The addictive nature of gaming can impact daily life significantly. Our programmes help patients find balance and develop healthier habits.


With the rise of digital currencies, cryptocurrency addiction has emerged as a new challenge. We offer guidance and support for those struggling with obsessive trading and investment behaviours.

Porn Addiction

Addressing the sensitive issue of porn addiction, our treatments focus on the underlying causes and promote healthy sexual behaviours and relationships.

Dual Diagnosis

We provide tailored treatment for individuals facing dual diagnosis, where addiction coexists with mental health disorders. Our holistic approach ensures both aspects are addressed concurrently for effective recovery.

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Social Media

The compulsive use of social media can lead to addiction, impacting mental health and social interactions. We offer strategies to manage and overcome this modern-day challenge.

Eating Disorders

Recognising the complexity of eating disorders, our treatments address both the psychological and physical aspects of these conditions, promoting a healthy relationship with food and body image.

At Smarmore Castle, we are committed to providing the highest standard of care for all forms of addiction. Our approach is grounded in empathy, expertise, and a deep understanding of the recovery journey. Learn more about our programmes and take the first step towards a healthier, addiction-free life.

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