Aftercare/Continuing Care

Post-Treatment Support

Returning home presents it’s own challenges, we support our patients with an aftercare plan.

Aftercare Reduces the Risk of Relapse

At Smarmore Castle, we understand that addiction is a lifelong condition, and this is why we continue to support patients after they have completed their treatment with us. We consider aftercare essential to reduce the risk of relapse after our patients have returned to their homes and that is why we ensure our patients are equipped with an individualised continuing care plan when they complete treatment. We have a range of continuing care packages available to patients to avail of after residential treatment.

We provide ongoing support, making sure that they have all the resources and tools they need to maintain their sobriety and reintegrate into their daily lives. 

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Free Relapse Prevention

All patients are encouraged to join our Saturday morning Relapse Prevention group for past patients. This is a therapist-facilitated group with the primary focus on implementing and managing relapse prevention techniques learned in treatment.

Group Therapy in Continuing Care

Treatment can be followed by a 12-month Aftercare group therapy programme for patients which also includes a family therapy programme for loved ones.  This can be discussed during treatment.

Our continuing care groups work to support the growth and recovery of the person leaving treatment. All groups are facilitated by psychotherapists

We allocate a specific group for the person so they can get to know other members better and feel secure and comfortable. Groups are held via Zoom, in Dublin city centre and at Smarmore Castle.


Group Members must be abstinent from all mood-altering drugs and processes. The groups are mixed-gender. There are several payment plan options available to enable patients to access this valuable resource of support.

Continuing Care in Other Locations

For patients unable to access group therapy in any of the available locations – Smarmore Castle provides a course of one-to-one tele-therapy to help patients through the early weeks and months of recovery.  Our therapy staff also work with our outreach team to identify local resources that may be accessible whether for free or for an additional charge. 

Relapse Group

Anyone who suffers a relapse can get specialist group therapy via our Relapse Re-entry Group, where a psychotherapist helps people who have relapsed to process what happened and develop skills to prevent it from happening again. The Relapse Group runs for a minimum of 6 weeks until the person is stable enough to rejoin our continuing care group. In this way, we can give urgent, specialised group help to those who have relapsed.

Family Group

Family members who attend our family programme while their loved one is in treatment can avail of our family-specific continuing care group or join the patient as a concerned person in their group.

One-to-One Therapy

We offer private, paid-for individual therapy sessions via CATCH Recovery, our specialist addiction outpatient centre based in Dublin. All of our therapists are qualified and experienced rehab specialists. For more details on our programme of 10 individual therapy sessions held in person via Zoom, contact CATCH Recovery

Support Within Your Community

We refer our clients back to their GP or the original medical practitioners involved in their care. We also arrange for a contact within the local AA/NA fellowship to act as a sponsor and help introduce them to these essential support groups.

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