10 Commonly Abused Drugs in Ireland

  1. Heroin: An opiate with strong sedative and painkilling effects. You can feel long-term drowsiness as well as fall into a coma and stop breathing. It can stay in your system for three to eight days.

  2. Cannabis: A hallucinogen made from the dry leaves and flowering parts of the female plant. While you can get a euphoric feeling in the short-term, long-term effects include being linked with depression and schizophrenia, affecting memory, coordination, motivation, and mood. Cannabis can stay in your system for 2-28 days.

  3. Cocaine: A strong, short acting stimulant that come in the form of white powder. Short-term effects can last thirty minutes but long-term includes, insomnia, tightness in chest, aggressive or violent behavior, hallucinations, kidney damage, hyperactivity, and cannot relax. It stays in your system for two to four days.

  4. Amphetamine: A stimulant that includes becoming violent, mood swings, weight loss, itchy skin, vein damage, and HIV and Hepatitis when sharing needles. The effects occur within twenty minutes and lasts four to six hours.

  5. Poppers: A clear yellow or gold liquid that speeds up heartbeat and blood rushes to the head. This causes skin problems around the nose or lips and dangerous if you have heart problems or glaucoma.

  6. Ecstasy: A stimulant drug that produces mild hallucinogenic effects. The effects can start after 20-60 minutes and last several hours. Long-term effects include flashbacks, sleep problems, weight loss, and depression. It can stay in your system 3-8 days.

  7. LSD: A hallucinogenic drug that comes from a fungus found growing wild on rye and other grasses called ergot. The effects start thirty minutes after and last twenty hours. You can experience paranoia, phobia, and suicidal thoughts. LSD stays in your system for two to three days.

  8. Magic Mushrooms: Small hallucinogenic mushrooms where effects begin thirty minutes to two hours and last nine hours. You can have out of body experiences, distort color, sounds, and objects as well as feel more creative and enlightened.

  9. Solvents: Inhaling gases, aerosols, deodorants, or air fresheners. The effects can last up to 45 minutes. You risk brain, liver, and kidney damage as well as experiencing stomach pain and nausea.

  10. Crack Cocaine: A smokable cocaine made by chemically altering cocaine powder to form crystals or rocks. Effects start after two minutes and lasts ten. Effects include increased anxiety, chronic coughing, partial voice loss, and breathing problems. The drug stays in your system two to four days.


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