The 12 Steps for Gamblers

During the last forty years, thousands go to Gamblers Anonymous for those who gamble (GA) and for families of gamblers (Gam-Anon). It is important for gamblers to remember that they are not alone and that there is a sense of hope in their recovery. In order to be on the path of recovery, gamblers must follow these twelve steps.

The first step is for gamblers to admit that they have a problem and that it has taken a serious toll on their lives. They need to admit, accept, and unconditionally surrender to their powerlessness over gambling.

The second step is to believe that life cannot be achieved by will alone but by believing in a Higher Power. That even if you do not know exactly what a Higher Power is, it is important to believe that one exists.

The third step is to ask the Higher Power to live without gambling and to believe that you will get the help you are looking for.

The fourth step is to look at the positive and negative qualities about yourself as well as look over your finances. Gambler’s Anonymous believes in letting go of the past in order to recover.

The fifth step is to admit to yourself and someone you trust the nature of your wrongings. This will help you learn about your guilt and your positive qualities.

The sixth step is to eliminate all of the bad qualities of yourself and to work on each defect one at a time or the chances of relapsing can go high.

The seventh step is to ask G-d to remove your defects as hanging on to them could make you relapse.

The eighth step is to make of list of the people you have harmed, including yourself, and that you are willing to make amends to them.

The ninth step is to make amends with the people you have wronged in person whenever possible.

The tenth step is to make a personal inventory of yourself for personal growth. You should also take immediate responsibility to your wrongdoing.

The eleventh step is to sought out G-d through prayer and meditation to improve your relationship with Him. You would pray for the knowledge of His will and to carry out his power.

The twelfth step is to care and share your experiences with other gamblers as well as listening to them and giving them hope.

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