Adderall Addiction

Adderall is an addictive stimulant that tends to stimulate alertness and productivity. The effects of this drug are not like taking caffeine pills that help keep you awake but more like taking cocaine in which the consequences can be extreme and deadly. According to Addiction Center, there were almost sixteen million prescriptions for Adderall in 2012 which is triple the amount of prescriptions of 2008. When the signs of Adderall addiction are present, it is important to take control of your life by seeking treatment.

While Adderall is to treat those who have ADHD and narcolepsy, many people take Adderall for the purpose of increasing productivity when days are stressful or when it comes to studying for an important test. This is the most commonly prescribed amphetamine. It comes in tablet form to be ingested oral at an average of five to thirty milligrams. The people who tend to take Adderall are students, athletes in order to enhance performance during practice and competition, and those with eating disorders to suppress their appetite. Taking Adderall makes you feel euphoric, confident, increased concentration, and a suppressed appetite. It will help you lose weight, study better, better athletic performance, and staying awake.

While it may seem like these are beneficial effects, many also take Adderall to get high as it will increase dopamine levels to make you want more. You know that you have an addiction to Adderall which you feel the need to take larger doses to feel the effects like through injection, combining with other drugs, or snorting. You would continue taking Adderall despite the harm it can cause you and will spend a lot of money to acquire the drug. You will also feel a strong dependence on Adderall as you will feel you cannot be alert without it as well as not being to study.

Serious consequences can occur as a result of abusing Adderall. It can lead to convulsions, paranoia, nausea, loss of appetite, irregular heartbeat, sexual dysfunction, hallucinations, and depression. When combined with alcohol, overdoses can be lethal. You can also get stroke, heart attack, or liver failure as a result. Athletes have died from using Adderall from increased blood pressure which leads to heat stroke and cardiac arrest. Ever since 1968, the International Olympic Committee banned amphetamines. Treatment options follow cognitive behavioral therapy, 12 Step programs, and inpatient treatment in order to be away from temptation.


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